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The young man devoted to Hue Singing

TTH.VN - Born and raised in a poor working family, Le Minh Vu, a young man born in 2000, fell in love with Hue Singing (Ca Hue) from a very early age. That love was ingrained in his subconscious from his childhood days, when he heard the songs and lullabies of the grandmothers and mothers in the neighborhood.

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 Le Minh Vu

Vu confided: "I don't know when tunes of Hue Singing permeated in me. During my school days, in competitions and art shows, I often went on stage to perform tunes of Hue Singing. The more I learn, the more I sing, the more fascinated I become."

With a special passion for tunes of Hue Singing, the young man has chosen his own path. Every night, in a small house, Vu quietly composes lyrics for Hue Singing; then he sings and recites, and he comes to participate in the Hue Singing Auditorium Club. For him, this is the joy and love that make his life more colorful and meaningful.

At the age of 23, Minh Vu has been in love with Hue Singing for nearly 10 years. He did not receive formal schooling, but with his love, he gradually conquered difficult tunes, both rustic and scholarly, with delicate notes and delicate words. 

Vu often sings Northern melodies with cheerful and elegant colors, such as: Co BanLong DiepNgu and Phu Luc songs; sometimes he performs melodies belonging to the rite music genre, such as Long NgamNgu Doi Thuong...

Vu confided: “Even though my hobby is ‘Nam’ songs, it's not easy to actually perform songs of ‘Nam’ voice. I'm also trying to express its true soul."

According to Vu, the most difficult aspect of performing is showing the quality of the song while ensuring the roundness and clarity of the words. Hue's lyrics are passed down with musical instruments and timbres; Hue pronunciation and the mind of Hue people in the past were very different from today.

The Hue ‘language’ has changed over time, and Hue Singing has also changed accordingly. The accenting is to be graceful, soft, and loving to match the social trend, but it is still necessary to keep the decency, grave, elegance and luxury of Hue people.

 Free Hue Singing performance for tourists at Nhat Thanh Lau in the Imperial Citadel

On his Facebook page, Le Minh Vu has an album called " lyrics of Hue Singing - Expressing one’s feelings" with more than 15 songs in different melodies. Vu's inspirations for composition come from the vibrations in front of the beauty of the landscape of the Hue ancient capital; they also are rooted in emotions and feelings for the noble deeds of people on the front lines against the COVID-19 epidemic or poor laborers make a living when the New Year arrives... Sending heart flowers to thousands of directions (Tu Dai melody); Peaceful spring (Long Ngam melody); My hometown (Tieu Khuc melody); New Year's flower girl (Nam Ai melody); Sorrowful spring in the far land (Tuong Tu melody)… are tunes of Hue Singing composed by Vu and performed by many artists.

In 2021, participating in the competition of Composing new lyrics based on songs of Hue Singing organized by the Department of Culture and Sports of Thua Thien Hue, Le Minh Vu won the third prize with the work "Spring at the doorstep of zen" (according to the Phu Luc melody).

Dressed in a traditional ao dai and head turban, soft hands following the rhythm of the beat, the warm, passionate singing voice of Le Minh Vu... have left a beautiful impression and affection for those who love Hue Singing in the land of the ancient capital. Vu's love for Hue Singing is truly appreciated. This young man has contributed to preserving and promoting the value of Hue's artistic heritage in today's times.

Mr. Vo Que, Chairman of the Hue Singing Auditorium Club commented: “Vu has an inspiring voice. From the vocalist in the audience, he became the official vocalist of the auditorium. Vu also composed the lyrics of Hue Singing in a methodical manner. Through the image of Le Minh Vu, we have faith because young people have begun to approach traditional art. I hope more and more young people learn about Hue Singing and that Hue Singing can reach today's young people."

Story: Huong Dong. Photos: Huong Dong - Bao Minh
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Preservation of Hue Singing in the face of challenges

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Preservation of Hue Singing in the face of challenges
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