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To the Land of the Royal Lotus: Hue Lotus Festival commences

TTH.VN - On the evening of July 5th, the Department of Tourism organized the opening ceremony of Hue Lotus Festival 2024 with the theme “Returning to the land of the Royal Lotus” at Tu Tuong Park, Hue City.

Opening of the Hue Lotus Festival 2023 – Lotus Beautifies HueDiscover the royal cuisine of Hue from Hue LotusHue Lotus Festival 2023 to be held from June 23 to 25

 Leaders from various departments and sectors visiting stalls showcasing lotus products.

The Hue Lotus Festival 2024, runs from July 5th to 7th, features over 20 culinary stalls and displays of local specialties, and handmade souvenirs related to lotus, exhibitions of Hue lotus varieties, enjoying folk games and lotus-themed check-in space.

Interwoven with these activities are artistic performances, including the Ao dai show “Hồn Sen Ngự”by designer Viet Bao, and the tasting of lotus-themed delicacies such as “Vegetarian Lotus Rice”presented by folk culinary artisan Mai Thi Tra and the head chef of An Nhien vegetarian restaurant, and “lotus seed and longan sweet soup” by distinguished culinary artisan Phan Ton Gia Hien from Tinh Gia Vien royal restaurant. Other activities include demonstrations of lotus tea brewing and tasting, as well as various lotus-based dishes and treats offered by local businesses.

This year, Hue Lotus Festival enters its 4th edition, continuing to affirm and honor the value of Hue lotus and introduce products and cuisine from lotus to both domestic and international visitors during the summer tourism season of 2024. The festival is envisioned to become an annual event within the framework of Hue Festival in the coming years, highlighting the connection between tourism and Hue’s culinary culture, traditional crafts, and local agriculture.

 Visitors choose lotus-themed cuisine

The event aims to honor the value of lotus in the lives of Hue residents and provides an opportunity for artisans and those holding culinary and traditional craft expertise to showcase their skills in preparing lotus dishes and creating handmade products from Hue lotus. Through these experiences, both visitors and locals can appreciate and feel the intrinsic and hidden values of lotus in daily life.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Director of the Department of Tourism, shared: “We hope that the Hue Lotus Festival 2024 will be a highlight in the series of traditional and contemporary festivals of the Hue Festival 2024. It aims to introduce unique experiences and special services of Hue to tourists. Additionally, this event creates a platform and opportunity for tourism service businesses and related sectors to showcase local traditional products.”

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Hue Traditional Food Week to take place from April 27th to May 1st

Alongside the festive atmosphere of the 2024 festivals taking place in the province, the People's Committee of Hue City organizes Hue Traditional Food Week 2024 with the theme “Hue Cuisine with all Localities” at Thuong Bac Park, Tran Hung Dao street, Dong Ba ward.

Hue Traditional Food Week to take place from April 27th to May 1st
Discover the royal cuisine of Hue from Hue Lotus

After two previous festivals in 2018 (themed "The Legend of a Flower") and 2022 (themed "Lotus - Essence of Heaven and Earth"), the Hue Lotus Festival 2023 with the theme "Lotus Beautifies Hue" will be held at Tinh Tam Lake for three days, from June 23rd to June 25th.

Discover the royal cuisine of Hue from Hue Lotus
Hue Lotus Festival to take place from June 4 to 5

According to the Provincial Department of Tourism, Hue Lotus Festival 2022, with the theme of "The quintessence of heaven and earth", will take place at the Tu Tuong Park from June 4 to 5. This is an activity in response to the Summer Festival in the framework of Hue Festival 2022.

Hue Lotus Festival to take place from June 4 to 5
Unique space of highland cuisine and handicraft products

On May 17, many specialties and cultural products of ethnic minorities in Nam Dong district were displayed at the front yard of Guol house - Culture and Information Office of Nam Dong district. The program is part of the series of events in the 14th provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival of Ethnic minority groups in 2022.

Unique space of highland cuisine and handicraft products
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