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Truc Chi art brings its works to the public in Da Nang

TTH.VN - With the theme “Năng,” Vietnam Truc Chi Art has introduced an exhibition to the public in Da Nang with dozens of artworks created by Truc Chi artists during the past time.

Truc chi exhibition themed “Ngau Lien - Confluence” by two artists from Vietnam and FranceExhibition of 60 Truc Chi artworks“Truc chi” exhibition at Tinh Truc GiaUnique Truc Chi spaces

 A corner of “Năng” exhibition presented by Vietnam Truc Chi Art to the public in Da Nang. Photo: B.V.

The exhibition, organized in collaboration between Vietnam Truc Chi Art and Da Nang Fine Arts Museum, was opened on the afternoon of July 14th at Da Nang Fine Arts Museum in Da Nang City.

Over 50 artworks, divided into two spaces, are presented to the public in this exhibition. The “Truc Chi Art” space showcases 13 works by Truc Chi artists from different periods. Alongside, it is an applied art space featuring various artworks utilizing Truc Chi graphic techniques to create installation works with presentation techniques creating interaction with the audience, together with unique applied works with exquisite creativity of Truc Chi.

As a part of the exhibition program, there will be panel discussions and workshops where art enthusiasts can appreciate Truc Chi artworks, engage in conversations, and experience the value of this art form through interactive activities with materials and techniques. On this occasion, the public and the founders of Truc Chi will share their perspectives on the “humanity” theme, inspired by the personal story of artist Phan Hai Bang.

The exhibition is a part of commemoration event series of Vietnam Truc Chi Art's 10-year journey of study and development, marking the second time Truc Chi has reached out to the public in Da Nang.

The exhibition will last until July 23rd.

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