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Being a Freelancer - Unleashing the creativity

TTH.VN - Unlike in the past when college graduates were always looking for jobs related to their trained professions, many young people today gradually want to give up their jobs at specialized desks in the office room and work freelance to satisfy their passion and creativity.

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Getting rid of the constraints

Graduating in 2016, Do Thi Dieu Tram did not find a career relating to her field of study but chose to try her wings in homestay service, then switched to making health care and beauty products from nature. After tinkering with research, the girl graduating from the University of Economics produced essential oils and soaps from vegetable oils.

Dieu Tram said half in jest half in earnest: "Life brought me to this job. Although it is a busy one, the time is not constrained. Besides, I would not be pushed by the "deadlines" (the deadline for completion)".

Unlike in the past, young people nowadays want to adjust themselves according to each situation, even taking on jobs that are contrary to their previously studied professions. Many of them choose freelance work.

Now, doing business is one of the attractive job trends, associated with the fast development of technology, which is the reason why this kind of job is chosen by many young people.

Huynh Thi Thao Nguyen, a young woman doing online business shared, “Since I was in university, I cherished ​​a business model. After graduating, I switched to the online business of fashion clothing products. Based on new and hot trends on Facebook, TikTok, I usually recommend products for my customers. This job also helps me earn more than 10 million VND per month.

Many young people are interested in startup and innovation

Being a freelancer isn't necessarily the right decision for everyone, yet it's a trend. Around the world, a survey (in 2019) of over 18,000 workers in 24 countries showed that nearly half (45%) of the participants are no longer interested in full-time jobs. In Vietnam, there has not been any specific study, however, when being asked, many young people still responded that they love freedom and may "turn away" from a nine-to-five job.

According to Nguyen Huu Viet, a young person looking for work regarding short-term projects, there are many reasons for the trend of young people choosing freelance jobs today. The most significant one could be they hate being confined to a repetitive workflow leading to being easily bored. On the contrary, many young people are so confident in their ability that they can get many jobs through the help of digital technology.

“ Choosing to work as a freelancer could be flexible in terms of time, since when other people sleep, I  can work and vice versa. Moreover, I am not managed by office rules, so I can freely do creativity, hence mastering my work. Also, I can do multiple jobs at the same time, and increase income. However, everyone understands and accepts that self-employment means not having health insurance or social insurance according to the category of employees but we have to buy it ourselves. Another problem is  that freelance jobs are normally unstable, along with many other difficulties, but gradually, many young people still choose these jobs," said Huu Viet.

Choosing a trendy job

Technology is developing at an extremely fast rate and young people also take advantage of their agility in approaching new things to seize job opportunities. Although they work as freelancers, they choose to work with the movement of society.

Not following the major he studied, Thien Bao chose the job of taking wedding photographs because of his passion

In addition to doing online business to take advantage of little capital or doing projects, many young people choose to start a business, or "get rich" with industries related to social networks, especially the jobs like Vlogger , marketing freelancer, designer, photographers, etc. This is because just by investing in a professional audio-visual recording tool, they can start working with the content relating to their surroundings right away.

Those with plentiful technology skills could choose more specialized jobs, such as web developer, PR Manager (maintaining public image of a brand name, company or individual), video editor, graphic designer, 3D Modeler (designing 3D models with video games, virtual reality, moving images)…

Thien Bao, the representative of a team specializing in photography and making wedding videos, shared that his university major is about foreign languages, but passion made him choose that path. The pressure from work is considerable, however, the good thing is to be free to go here and there. During the wedding season, there are months when the whole group earns up to 150 million VND. When having free time, they can receive other events. The source of income is not fixed, but the team members are always happy because their creative ideas bring happiness and joy to customers.

The strong development of information technology and the desire to be independent and to develop when having a dream job are the driving forces for young people to find freelance work. There are decisions that are not appropriate, or sometimes wrong, but there are also many people who have achieved good results by choosing this direction. The important point is that they know how to cultivate knowledge, dare to be passionate, dare to risk and commit, and not give up before failure.

Story: MINH TAM. Photos: H.PHUC

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