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Collecting garbage to appeal for protecting Tam Giang lagoon

TTH.VN - "A lot of garbage, mainly nylon bags scattered everywhere, from the water surface to the bottom of Tam Giang lagoon ... It is time to review and appeal for protecting the ecosystem and the living environment", many young people participated in collecting garbage in Tam Giang lagoon, Ngu My Thanh village, Quang Loi commune (Quang Dien district) said

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Young people collecting garbage together along Tam Giang lagoon in Ngu My Thanh village, Quang Loi commune

The program was organized by the project "Peer Education on School-based Health Care" (HIPE) on the morning of November 4, with the participation of more than 100 youths who love green living from Hue city and Quang Dien district. With a succinct message of "Garbage does not touch the ground - Green culture, not creating garbage", the job of collecting garbage not only aims to clean up  and protect the environment but also to call for the people living around this area to work together.

Divided into several groups, young people spread all over different directions along Tam Giang lagoon, crossing Ngu My Thanh village (Quang Loi) to collect garbage together. In 2 hours, the youths collected more than 20 big bags of garbage, mainly plastic bags, used fishing-tackles, plastic boxes, sponges, straws, cigarette butts and glass debris, etc.

"To mention Hue, people must not forget to mention Tam Giang Lagoon - one of the largest lagoons in Southeast Asia with diverse ecosystems and being an attractive destinations. But recently, people's awareness is still limited in protecting the living environment," said Quynh Chau, a young participant in the collecting garbage program. According to Chau, it is time to speak up and strengthen propaganda, not only in the area of ​​Ngu My Thanh but also in the countrysides where Tam Giang lagoon passes through.

The message of the collecting garbage program calls for people to speak out and act so that "Garbage does not touch the ground”

According to the HIPE representative, this is one of the major environmental community activities of the project, carried out monthly in different areas of the province.

Here are the photos of the youths collecting garbage to call for environmental protection for Tam Giang Lagoon recorded by Thua Thien Hue Online:

The main garbage in this area is nylon, a waste that is very difficult to decompose

Cigarette butts are discarded into the environment. In this photo, a young girl took a collected plastic bag and then put the cigarette butts in it before taking them to destroy

A group of young people walking along the dam on Tam Giang lagoon to collect garbage

Huong Lan – a young Hue lover comes from Hue city, going to the area early to join the program. "Collecting garbage is a long journey, but the journey of the garbage needs to have the cooperation of the people living in the place where the garbage is picked. That journey must be built from their consciousness." - Huong Lan concludes.

According to the organizers, these events help to call for people to join hands to preserve the green - clean - beautiful environment for themselves.

Not only on the shore, young people joining to collect garbage borrows boats of the villagers to move on the surface of the lagoon to pick up garbage.

Within two hours, the youths have collected more than 20 big bags of garbage, mainly plastic bags, used fishing-tackles, plastic boxes, sponges, straws, cigarette butts and glass debris, etc.

Garbage is put into the bags, then put them on the car and transported to the destroying area

In addition to collecting garbage, the organizers also propagandize children how to protect the environment by reading and painting. In this photo, the children in Ngu My Thanh village participate in an environmental protection painting competition...

By Phan Thanh

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