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Introducing Images of Hue to the World

TTH.VN - The new Miss Entrepreneur had a short interview with Thua Thien Hue weekend magazine.

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Miss entrepreneur Nguyen Lan Vy

Can you tell us the reason for joining this contest?

The Ms & Mr Vietnam Entrepreneur world 2018 contest is an event aimed to honor the beauty, talents as well as to open up the exchange and cooperation opportunities among Vietnamese entrepreneurs in Asia and all over the world. The contest attracted nearly 1000 candidates. After going through many rounds, the selected top 20 came to the semi-final and the final in Japan.

As the goal of the contest is stated, I realize this is my opportunity to test my capability and affirm myself. When I heard about the competition, I thought nobody would know me and know Hue unless I took part in it. So I decided to join it.

What were the factors that helped you to win this contest?

As a matter of fact, the main criteria of this contest are candidates’ knowledge, their business fields and their influence in society instead of focusing on candidates’ financial resource or the scales of their enterprises.

I am holding a traditional Ao dai show with the aim to contribute to conserving and promoting the traditional culture of Hue in particular and of Vietnam in general. The above objective also becomes a criterion of the contest that will bring the highest score, because among candidates, not many are working in the field of culture. Besides, and especially, I was honored to be the director of ‘ao dai’ show at Hue Festival 2018. The success of the show helped me to get closer to the title.

Another factor is that I am helping 200 students studying in Hue to have stable jobs. While being a university student, I totally had to stand on my own feet so I want to pass my experiences to the students: As a student at the age of 18, one should own his or her life and be self-made.

In foreign countries, parents with children over 16 will just cover for them the basic expenses and they themselves have to work to pay for other daily activities such as shopping, entertainment. Students who get admission to work in my company are paid according to their ability and working time. Usually their salaries are from 6-10 million per month.

The daily ‘ao dai’ shows often welcome around 300-600 tourists. Besides the income, this is an opportunity for the students to get acquainted with the cultures of other countries. By means of their work, they can develop various skills, experience good cultural integration, cultivate good behaviors and heighten their confidence before their international friends.

Mrs.Nguyen Lan Vy got her coronation (photo provided by Mrs Vy herself)

Those are the necessary conditions. How about the practical ones: How did you perform in such a “big playground”?

When I took part in the contest, in order not to mix up Hue with other regions, I brought to the stage the styles most typical of the region. In particular, I wore the purple ‘ao dai’ with a head-dress and sang the song “The Old Capital ever Dreamed of” in the talent contest. I finished my performance with the rapturous applause of the audiences. I felt so happy.

Fortunately, both of the audiences and the jury loved Hue. Most of the performances related to Hue and its traditional culture were highly appreciated.

That is why you got the high score and won the crown?

That’s right! ( smiling)

What are your plans for your future and Hue after being crowned?

My biggest expectation is better promotion for the images of Hue tourism. I will join more projects of furthering tourism, especially in foreign countries to promote the ‘ao dai’ style as well as Hue images to international tourists.

I also intend to open some ‘ao dai’ shows in other cities in order to bring Hue images to local people and domestic tourists from all over the nation.

Can you share more about your startup experiences to youngsters, especially the girls?

Before beginning a startup project, to be well prepared for it, you have to define the targeted business, products, products’ values, customers and development strategies. And not just to produce what you want or love, you should choose to build startups in the fields which the market demands. When I came back to Hue, and realized that Hue was in lack of performance shows for tourism, I decided to organize those shows myself, but then I could only start my project after 6 months of market research, advertisement, counterpart searching, etc.

It is hardly possible for one to master everything when building startups. If you are not good at a certain field, find a master to give you lessons. If you cannot find a suitable master, get your information from books. Never do anything on your own when you are not sure.

The environment creates human beings. The better environment, the better learning and improvement. Everybody should know how to choose a good environment to work in. If you happen to make a wrong decision, back out when you get a chance and find another better one. Never keep on with the job saying “It’s been arranged. I just can’t do otherwise!”. For example, the boss of KFC set himself up in business at the age of 60 with a few hundred dollars earned by his fried chickens. So it’s never too late for anyone, and nothing is impossible.

The environment in Hue may be not as favorable enough for startups as in the two main cities in Vietnam, Saigon and Hanoi. But things are changing. Students are being very active and confident. If you are of a mind to equip yourself with some knowledge, your startup will face less difficulties.

Thank you!

By Duc Quang

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