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Launching incubation program to commercialize science and technology products

TTH.VN - On September 29, Hue University held a Kick-off conference of the incubation program to commercialize science and technology products.

Providing resources and facilitating students in scientific research190 prizes awarded to students participating in Hue-ICT Challenge 2023

 Scientists discuss about the incubation program at Kick-off conference

This is an activity of Hue University with the goal of converting excellent ideas and research from the field of science and technology in Hue University into products and market services. It also aims  to promote cooperation between scientists and Hue University to create real value for the community and the economy.

This program is organized by Hue University in collaboration with Ministry of Science and Technology under the support of project 844 (“Supporting the national innovation startup ecosystem until 2025”).

According to the Organizing Committee, this Kick-off conference is an important step to put this program into operation and marks the potential cooperation between the scientific community and Hue University. Through this conference, Hue University introduced a set of project selection criteria for the science and technology business incubation program. These criteria evaluate the feasibility, commercial potential and social impact of participating projects.

The program is also a place for scientists to introduce the unique products and technologies they have researched and developed. This is an opportunity for them to share knowledge and experience with the scientific community and also to promote the commercialization potential of their projects.

By Duc Quang
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