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Letters from Saigon

TTH.VN - “Thank you Hue city, for bringing such loving hearts to Saigon. The work is hectic, but the doctors always treat the patients with soft, sympathetic words…”. Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City in "windy" days was still warm with the white-coat soldiers on the front lines of pandemic prevention and control. People from far away come to join the city to "fight the enemy"_ COVID-19.

Continuing to send medical staff to Ho Chi Minh CityHue Central Hospital’s Center for Intensive Care of COVID-19 in Ho Chi Minh City receiving patients

Handwritten words of gratitude to the soldiers on the front lines

Ms. Nguyen Thi T. H. had both elderly mother and father with underlying diseases having COVID-19, who are cared for and treated at the Intensive Care Unit for COVID-19 patients of Hue Central Hospital (ICU Center) in Ho Chi Minh City. Being happy to welcome her parents back home, Ms. T. H. was emotional and grateful to the doctors because not only her parents were treated for COVID-19 with the best conditions, she was also comforted and reassured by the doctors regularly with their reporting the health status of her parents in each stage.

“Thank you Hue city, for bringing such loving hearts to Saigon. I wish you health, peace and soon finish your trip to return to your family," said Ms. H.

At the beginning of October 2021, Ms. K. H. P's whole family was infected with COVID-19, in which her 88-year-old mother’s condition was severe and had to be hospitalized for medical treatment. Initially, when her mother was still at a primary medical center, there were Ms. P. and her younger brother, P. to accompany, but when her condition worsened, she alone was transferred to the higher-level hospital. The family lost the mother's information since then.

Three weeks later, Ms. P. received a strange phone call; she burst with happiness. “Same Hue accent, gently from the other side of the line said that my mother was cured. We were all indescribably happy. My mother was old, unvaccinated, and having many underlying diseases. Therefore, being able to welcome my mother back home safely is a miracle beyond the family's imagination. I want to express my deep gratitude to the Board of Directors and the medical staff at the ICU Center in Ho Chi Minh City because of the miracle they have brought to the family,” said Ms. P.

Present in Ho Chi Minh City since August 2021, Hue Central Hospital is the only unit that continues to operate the ICU Center in Ho Chi Minh City following the model of a central-level hospital supporting the city. The center is located on the campus of Field Hospital No. 14, which is the last defense in the treatment ladder for COVID-19 patients.

More than 830 nurses, doctors, technicians, nurses, ... from 5 central hospitals in the Central region participated in the fight against COVID-19 here - where there were more than 600 beds. And even when the city passes the peak of the pandemic, they are the last medical units of the Ministry of Health remaining in Ho Chi Minh City, not wondering and calculating the return date.

There was a time when Hue Central Hospital withdrew 60 staff members to rest, but nearly half of them volunteered to stay to take care of the patients. There are even doctors that have returned to Hue, but at night, they still heard the "tick.. tick.." sound of medical equipment being set for patients in the city, willing to have their night shifts.

Among many gratitude letters from the patient's family to the white-coat soldiers, the most touching one was the handwritten letter dated November 29, 2021, in Ho Chi Minh City. There were no tears of joy as she was not able to welcome home her loved one having won the COVID-19; Ms. N. T. T. Q lost her mother forever.

In return, Ms. Q and her family felt a profound consolation when on the last stage of life, besides her mother, there was always the care and concern of doctors and medical staff from the ICU Center of Hue Central Hospital.

Through the simple handwriting, Ms. Q. was touched: “The pandemic took her away from us even though the doctors wholeheartedly tried to save her. And we believe that my mother did not pass away lonely, but also with the hearts of "mother-like doctors" with her in those last days of her life. The family would like to sincerely thank the medical team and doctors who took care of and stood by her side when the family could not be there.”

Every war has its losses. We shared the same grateful feeling to better understand the sacrifices and dedications of thousands of soldiers on the front lines. And finally, I would like to borrow the feelings of a young person from Saigon to end my story. These words were written as her dear father could not stand the fight against COVID-19.

"… Amid a world full of plagues and diseases, and wind blowing all night long, the doctors and nurses at Hue Central Hospital - Field Hospital No. 14 of Ho Chi Minh City, in particular, and the entire medical staff in the country, in general, remained silent, bravely fighting the pandemic, taking care of my father and many other strangers. I am deeply moved and wanted to thank them. And with all sincerity and respect, I hope we are all at peace."

Story: Dong Van

Photo: Provided by the hospital

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