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TTH.VN - There is a new genre of film emerging in Vietnam that amazes many people. It is "watching" movies via sound, also known as "movie-listening."

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The voice actor in the movie "God proposes, God disposes," shared with e-kip.

The harmony between music and movie’s dialogue

Once wandering on YouTube, I accidentally came across a very strange form of expression – "movie-listening." This genre's product is the combination of sound and the movie's dialogue, creating a lively story. The film is titled "God proposes, God disposes". Surprisingly, one of the first creators of this new form of enjoyment in Vietnam was Hue boys.

"Movie-listening is a popular form of audio entertainment in developed countries, but in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, this kind of entertainment is still new," said Le Tan Thanh Thinh, one of the “movie-listening” project's members.

The name - Thanh Thinh is a familiar name to many people. This Hue man is a face in the list - the Forbes 30 Under 30 of Asia in 2019. He has introduced many new entertainment products catching up with the trend of the world to Vietnam.

The idea of listening to movies via sound came from the massive growth of audio in the market. The COVID-19 pandemic made the audio industry develop faster since when staying at home a lot, people have an increased tendency to find new forms of entertainment and relaxation.

 “Audio entertainment is becoming a trend in developed countries. Taking the US as an instance, the podcast startup – Wondery has just called for a capital of $5 million in 2018 or Parcast was acquired by Spotify for $56 million in 2019. With this project, we focus on building quality audio content like music, podcasts and audio movies,” shared Mr. Thinh.

Le Thanh Tan Thinh and the musician Nguyen Hai Phong introduced the project “movie-listening”

Not playing music like traditional radio programs, movie-listening products are well-invested. And a high-quality audio version features both voice actors and music performances. At the same time, the audience listens to the film's content while enjoying the music.

The difference lies in the sound quality and the music led by the director and musician - Nguyen Hai Phong and the music director TDK (who contributed to many hits by singers like Ho Ngoc Ha, Truc Nhan, Amee, etc.).

"The implementation process takes about 3-4 months for a film, from writing script, "casting" actors, producing music, recording, and post-producing. We select and produce music very carefully, and all the songs in the movie are recorded and newly produced. Some songs are even entirely newly composed," Nguyen Hai Phong shared.

New, strange, and unique

For any product, especially in the entertainment industry, the public's reception is the most accurate measure of the success of the work. The musician - Nguyen Hai Phong has been incredibly famous for his hits that have become phenomenon in young people over the recent years. So has Le Tan Thanh Thinh; he has a firm foothold in the music marketing market.

The movie-listening project entitled "God proposes, God disposes" created a bold effect in the audiences’ heart. On the first episode, the film reached the top trending on audio app called VoizFM, ranked No. 1 in the week and No.2 in the month, surpassing other great content.

In addition, the audience's reception on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music platforms is also very good, yet YouTube is not the main channel.

With a duration of about 25 minutes per an episode, "God proposes, God disposes" makes young people excited by the novelty and originality. "The music in the movie are all songs which are trending in today's young people generation. Although there is no appearance of actors, through the story and dialogue, the audience can imagine the progress of the film. The story of the film is youthful, and the way of expression is appropriate with the current enjoyment trend," Nguyen Thi Quynh Thuong, an “enjoyer” (Hue city) expressed.

Through many changes, the habit of listening to audio has still existed since the appearance of radio. As an evidence, some radio channels for young people attract a huge amount of listening. In addition, the habit of listening to radio in the car is popular. Those are the fertile "land" for movie-listening to dominate the market.

“After a month of launching, this product was widely accepted by listeners. As the private car market develops and the metro system is in operation in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the trend of listening to audio is expected to have a rapid growth. Whoever owns the best and most attractive content will succeed. In the future, when the content is sufficient, we will consider investing in building our own app platform,” said Le Tan Thanh Thinh.

In this Tet, music and movie fans will have a chance to enjoy new audio and music tracks. The combination of sound and dialogue on new compositions would help listeners relax.

 “Sleeping well and relaxing is our criteria to apply in three new products which are going to be launched on the occasion of the New Year and the Lunar New Year. The length of an audio is about 15 minutes, and it is temporarily called  the ‘listening to sleep well’ project,” musician Nguyen Hai Phong informed.

A new genre has appeared in Vietnam and gained some initial success, bringing a new experience to the public, in which creativity contributes to a rich entertainment network. More specifically, Hue people are those who are behind that movie.

The PamCasts Company was founded by the musician Nguyen Hai Phong and Le Tan Thanh Thinh. The first movie-listening project with the series "God proposes, God disposes" is a part of the project that Audio Content of PamCasts created to anticipate the development trend of the audio entertainment industry. And, this type is described as a combination of music and movies but does not use pictures.


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