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The 10th anniversary of Lang Co being honored as a beautiful bay of the world

TTH.VN - Beside the soft waves of romantic waters at the foot of Hai Van Mountain, the opening night celebrating the 10th anniversary of Lang Co being recognized as a beautiful bay of the world on the evening of 16/5 was a gratitude melody of the charming and picturesque area to tourists.

Many exciting activities to be held in "Lang Co – the Beautiful World Bay" festival 2019Canh Duong - Lang Co will be the national tourism site"Lang Co – the World Beautiful Bay" festival held on May 16 -17


Lang Co - after 10 years of being honored as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches - is narrated with a unique artistic story

Attending the event were Mr. Bui Thanh Ha, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and other members of the Provincial Standing Committee, along with thousands of guests, tourists and local residents of Lang Co town and surrounding areas.

At exactly 20:00, the program officially began, but from quite early on, the crowds of people coming to Lang Co sea area, the place where the main stage of the opening night was located, to find the best seatings for themselves. With a 10-year journey, Lang Co now has a completely new look. The songs and melodies have reflected these changes by recreating the images of the prime area located south of old Thuan Hoa - Phu Xuan land.

The "Lang Co - the most beautiful bay in the world" festival takes place in 2 days - from May 16 to 17, with many rich and attractive cultural, art and sports activities. This is an opportunity to promote and honor the economic, cultural, scenic beauty and ecological environment of Lang Co Bay. Visitors will have the chance to explore and better understand the history, the land and the local people.

At the opening night, the audience enjoyed the love songs written specifically for Lang Co, such as: "The call of Lang Co", "Lang Co love song", "Lang Co seafront road", "Lang Co the sea awaiting” and famous songs about the sea ... with the performance of singer Van Khanh, Tinh Uyen and singers and actors of Hue Music Academy.

Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Bui Thanh Ha and many delegates attended the celebration

Lang Co has long been known to be a land of beautiful natural landscapes, "a convergence of heaven and earth", a place of "Heavenly beauty", with white sandy beaches stretching over 10km, clear blue water surrounded by the majestic Truong Son mountain range; located between the mountains and the sea is the vast and mystic An Cu lagoon.

With that beauty, on May 16, 2009, Lang Co Bay was recognized as a beautiful bay in the world. This is a great honor, opening the opportunity for Lang Co to develop tourism and services.

Over the past years and especially in the past 10 years, the activities of attracting investment and tourism businesses at Lang Co have been thriving. The system of resorts, hotels and restaurants has been invested in construction and upgrading. Every year, Lang Co attracts an average of over 1 million visitors to visit and relax.

There are many large domestic and foreign investors to deploy projects, such as Minh Vien international tourist area, Mediterranean resort, Dang Kim Long tourist and service complex, Laguna Lang Co tourism area, and many other projects that are in the process of registration.

Recently, Lang Co has been approved by the Government to become Lang Co – Canh Duong National Park, aiming to be an international destination by 2025 with an outlook to 2030. This is an advantage and motivation for Lang Co to continue developing based on sea tourism and improving the lives of people, deserving of the title as the province’s southern tourist town.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Ho Trong Cau, Vice Chairman of Phu Loc District People's Committee, Head of the Festival Organizing Committee affirmed to continue to protect and preserve the natural values and landscape of the sea and Lang Co lagoon environment, combined with developing investment and promoting of the value of the world beautiful bay effectively and sustainably.

In the coming time, Phu Loc will do its best to strengthen media communications and management measures to uphold the title of Lang Co, the most beautiful bay in the world in the world's most beautiful bays club. The district wills strive to stay worthy of Lang Co national and international tourism brand, attract more domestic and international tourists and investors to come to the legendary Lang Co land.

As soon as the program ended, the local people and visitors were treated to a 15-minute low-altitude firework display, bringing a party of art, sound, and vibrant light to the sea.

Photos captured by Thua Thien Hue Online on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Lang Co being recognized as a beautiful bay of the world:

Singer Van Khanh with melodies about Hue in general and Lang Co in particular

Choir performance of artists from Hue Music Academy

During the celebration, the fashion show also contributed to making the artistic program more impressive 

The guitar performance of two young artists with a lively melody about the Lang Co coastal area

Most of the performances revolved around the stories and people of the hospitable and charming Lang Co land

A performance with a lively dance, as easy-going as the personality of Lang Co people

Recreating the scene of Lang Co people

Evaluated as a succinct art program, the 10th anniversary of Lang Co honored as a beautiful bay of the world left many visitors impressed

At the end of the art program was a special firework display

A lot of local people and tourists came to the celebration

Story and photos: Quang Thanh

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