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Watching Sinh village wrestling in the rain

TTH.VN - On February 25, people of Lai An cultural village in Phu Mau commune (Phu Vang district) in particular and the whole province in general were excited with the traditional wrestling festival of Sinh village, held annually on the 10th day of the Lunar New Year.

Going to wrestling festival in Thu LeHue’s wrestling continues to write dreamsHue wrestling team wins 2 gold medals at the national classic – freestyle wrestling championships

This year, Lai An village and Phu Mau commune authorities receive a certificate of merit from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for their great contribution to the management and organization of the festival.

The wrestling festival of Sinh village this year attracts more than 100 wrestlers of all ages. For over 400 years of existence and development, Sinh village wrestling has become one of the cultural activities featuring sporting spirit. A unique feature of Sinh village wrestling festival is the team spirit of the localities. If a wrestler of a village loses, another wrestler of this village will replace him. If the wrestlers lose their matches, they have to wait until the next year to "revenge". Thus, wrestlers often train and cultivate morals throughout the year to wait until the next early spring to attend and compete in the wrestling festival.

Here are some photos recorded by Thua Thien Hue Online:

Many people wait for the festival to open from early morning

Sinh villagers gather from very early morning. Photo: Trung Phan

The ceremony of the festival takes place at the village’s communal house from 5:00 am. Photo: Trung Phan

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Bui Thanh Ha (right) awards the certificate of merit to the village of Lai An. Photo: Anh Phong

Seniors attentively watch the wrestlers’ performance. Photo: Trung Phan

A little foreign wrestler performs the ceremony to enter the wrestling arena. Photo: Hieu Phan

Recording and cheering for the two wrestlers. Photo: Hieu Phan

Perun from Serbia competes with Hieu from Sinh village. Photo: Trung Phan

Clinch fighting. Photo: Trung Phan

Story and photos: Anh Phong, Trung Phan and Hieu Phan

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