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Embellishing Vong Canh Hill to become a public sightseeing place for local people and tourists

TTH.VN - With the desire to embellish Vong Canh Hill to become a public destination for sightseeing, meeting the demand of local people and tourists, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Phan Ngoc Tho carried out a field survey at the area of Vong Canh Hill to have the appropriate plan for exploitation, renovation, embellishment, and management.

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The poetic Hue from the view of Vong Canh Hill. Photo: Thanh Van

Through the survey, Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho said that the area of Vong Canh Hill is one of the destinations with beautiful landscapes, many sightseeing spots, and plenty of space that can be used for public purposes of serving the demand of sightseeing of local people and tourists. However, over the past time, this area hasn’t been effectively exploited yet, it also lacks attraction. Some points haven’t been received suitable exploitation, management, and use.

 “It is necessary to have a plan to renovate and embellish Vong Canh Hill on the basis of preserving, embellishing and promoting the ecological values of the landscape in this place. Thereby, Hue will have more destinations to serve local people and tourists,” said Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho.

The chairman suggested the relevant units have the plan to renovate the whole area of Vong Canh Hill managed by Green Park Center; carrying out the landscape embellishment such as paving the roads with stones, planting flowers, setting more stone benches, planting more pine trees and paying attention to the system of trees along the road connecting to the flower park to make this area a special highlight of Vong Canh Hill; keeping on taking care of the system of phoenix trees, carrying out the appropriate pruning, and planting them thicker.

Pine trees on Vong Canh Hill. Photo: Thanh Van

Additionally, the chairman suggested the units check the area of Vong Canh Hill to think about expanding the Huong Riversides in combination with planning and implementing the pedestrian street by the riverside; connecting the top of the hill down to the river is the stair-steps designed harmoniously with the landscape space.

Vong Canh Hill is well-known with the beauty of rivers combining with mountains; peaceful, romantic and fresh space. Standing from Vong Canh Hill, it is possible for people to have an overview of the spectacular “painting” of natural landscapes of Hue with mountains, river and royal tomb of Nguyen’s kings.

Effectively exploiting the values of this area will contribute to widening the options for tourists when they come to the dreamlike Hue land; helping them and local people experience the peaceful beauty of Hue from the view of Vong Can Hill, especial at dawn or dusk.


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