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Startup from changing the mindset

TTH.VN - The startup-for-student program was held by Viet Mission Center for Business Consultancy, Training and Development, Provincial Young Entrepreneurs’ Association and Hue Industrial College on the morning of December 2, with the participation of over 150 students from Hue Industrial College and Hue University of Economics.

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Seizing opportunities is the lesson Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong shared with students 

Attending the program was speaker Nguyen Ba Duong, Chairman of the Board of Management of Boss Training Company, who has over 15 year experience of teaching and training in businesses and universities.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong shared his knowledge related to the right thinking and perception in startup; defining who you are, your strengths and weaknesses; what type of business that suits you ; understanding the nature of business and the startup process; etc. According to Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong,  “students who want to start a business must firstly change their mindset.  A growth mindset will lead to a breakthrough. Do not idolize anyone, because humans are always constrained by time and space. Learn at all times, at any place and always set yourself higher standards than what circumstances can teach you. Only when you have an independent mindset, can you be successful.”

Students attending the program also had exchanges with the speaker about startup experiences, seizing opportunities in business, creating business plans, etc.

Story and photo: Hoang Loan

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