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Back to the roots

TTH.VN - Ngọc Khanh Tuồng Singing Art Troupe was formed in 1990 under the name of Traditional Theater Experience Club as part of Ho Chi Minh City Theater. On the 30th founding anniversary, the troupe returned to Hue city to pay tribute to the founders of the Tuồng art and held 2-night performance on July 23 and 24 at Thanh Bình Ancestral Worship Hall – on Alley 281, Chi Lăng St., Hue city.

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Hue News proudly presents the following photo series themed “Back to the roots” by Trung Phan, recording some of the finest moments of this highly significant performance by Ngọc Khanh Tuồng Singing Art Troupe.

By Hue News

Thanh Bình Ancestral Worship Hall is where the founders of the traditional Tuồng singing are commemorated in the ancient capital of Hue

Merited Artist Ngọc Khanh and members of the troupe offering incense to the late founders

The artists showing respect in front of the founding fathers’ altar

Artist Hữu Lập wearing make-up before the show

Artists putting on their own make-up

Artist Thanh Hiệp as Lê Văn Duyệt in “Bội Đức Thượng Công Lê Văn Duyệt” Tuồng drama

Merited Artist Ngọc Khanh playing in “Đào Tam Xuân Báo Phu Cừu” drama excerpt

Hue audiences attentively watching the artists on stage

Artist Trường Sơn dressing up as character Bao Công

Drama excerpt ‘Bao Công entering the brickyard’

Backstage, artists are busy preparing for the next drama

Tuồng drama “Ngũ Sắc Châu” wrapped up the two-night successful tour of Ngọc Khanh Tuồng Singing Art Troupe in the ancient capital of Hue

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