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The meticulous restoration of Thai Hoa Palace

TTH.VN - Thai Hoa Palace, the symbol of imperial power of the Nguyen dynasty, set to be built by Emperor Gia Long in 1805, is currently being undergoing a restoration funded by nearly 130 billion Vietnamese dong from the state budget. The comprehensive conservation and restoration project of Thai Hoa Palace relic began in late 2021 and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

Careful dismantlement of Thai Hoa PalaceGroundbreaking ceremony for the overall conservation and restoration project of Thai Hoa palacePreserving literature at Thai Hoa Palace during the comprehensive restoration

In collaboration with Nguyen Phong, one of the people directly involved in this significant project, Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to present images illustrating the ongoing restoration progress at Thai Hoa Palace that are being executed with carefulness, scientific rigor, thoroughness, and at a faster pace than initially anticipated. Phong shared, “In this photo series, the most precious and personally significant to me is the photo revealing that the current color of the palace's roof tiles perfectly matches the color of the original artifacts on display at Vietnam National Museum of History in Hanoi. This shows that the existing roof tile color of Thai Hoa Palace has been returned to its “original value” by highly-skilled heritage restorers.”

 Exterior decoration of Thai Hoa Palace
 Dragon sculptures along the roof’s edge
 Careful handling of the wooden frame of the palace
 Thorough inspection of painted enamels on exterior panels
 The current color of Thai Hoa Palace roof tile as compared to the original artifacts


By Thua Thien Hue Weekly
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Restoring Phu Gia traditional fairy swing festival

On the morning of February 25, in Loc Tien commune, Phu Loc district, the Phu Gia traditional fairy swing festival opened. After many years of being lost, the festival has now been restored for the locals and visitors to experience and enjoy the spring.

Restoring Phu Gia traditional fairy swing festival
The “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal

The following are some photos taken by Nguyen Phuc Bao Minh, a photographer, during a visit to the Nam Hong Royal Museum (Tu Son, Bac Ninh), with a working group of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, where the “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal is displayed by Mr. Nguyen The Hong, a businessman.

The “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal
The golden era

For the first time, more than 100 documents, containing royal seals and autographs, along with many images about the story of the construction of Hue Imperial Citadel, were vividly reenacted through an exhibition held right in the Flag Tower (Ky Dai) area, the Upper Surface of the Citadel rampart, Hue Imperial Citadel.

The golden era
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