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Boosting experiences for tourists from travel passport

TTH.VN - The newly launch of the application “Hue City Passport” will enhance the freshness of travelers’ journey in discovering Hue. The provincial tourism sector is keeping carrying out digital transformation to create more new benefits and experiences for tourists.

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Young people downloading and experiencing the application Hue City Passport 

More new experiences

Giving a try to use the application Hue City Passport through downloading this application on his phone, Minh Hieu – a young tourist coming to Hue expressed his delight with the utilities of this new experience. Minh Hieu shared: “I found my trip fascinating and convenient with this application. This is a useful information channel, which not only is simple as a tool to provide information of the destinations but also carries high interactivity, bringing many interesting experiences for visitors coming to Hue”.

The application “Hue City Passport” was born at the end of 2023, with the purpose of providing best services to visitors’ demands. According to the leaders of the Tourism Department, Hue takes pride in preserving a typical cultural “treasure”, including a system of tangible cultural heritage with nearly 1.000 relics, in which, the most prominent and outstanding relic is the Complex of Hue Monuments, which was recognized as the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. Hue is not only a gentle Ancient Capital but is also favored by nature in nestling amidst countless beautiful landscapes of the sea, lagoon, rivers, mountains, and passes.

According to the experiences of traveling in Hue, tourists consider the trip to this city as a peaceful and slow-pace stroll when they get the chance to enjoy the beauty of this legendary land. However, not everyone is fully aware of all the information about Hue tourism to reach the most enjoyable experiences.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Director of the Tourism Department, to make the cultural and historical exploration journey in Hue Ancient Capital more meaningful and beautiful for visitors, the Tourism Department has put the application Hue City Passport into operation to help tourists utilize technology to discover famous travel destinations in Hue. This is one of the solutions to explore and boost up the development of the provincial tourism.

The application of 4.0 technology, as well as the digital transformation in administrative management on tourism and destination management is one of the prerequisites for transforming the models and the way of operation of the tourism sector to align with new trends. At the same time, it also aims to build up a smart travel ecosystem of Thua Thien Hue province.

With high interactivity, providing many interesting experiences for tourists, the application Hue City Passport also helps tourists easily search for the relics, landscapes, culinary experiences, as well as learning about the lifestyle of Hue people, local traditional crafts; helping their trips to Hue become more attractive and significant.

“The application Hue City Passport brings lots of conveniences. GPS location mapping, along with the eye-catching interface, high interactivity with users will enhance tourists’ travel experiences. Especially, tourists can track their trips and check-in the destinations according to their itinerary right on the application to receive a completion certificate and attractive gifts,” shared the representatives of the Tourism Department.

Experiencing the application Hue City Passport 

Tourists discovering Hue in their own ways

According to the leaders of the Tourism Department, in addition to the application Hue City Passport, in 2024, the provincial tourism sector intends to launch a printed publication of this application – the pocket travel handbook so that tourists will be easier to browse and choose their own experiential itinerary. This is one of the solutions to give tourists more options when they travel to Hue.

For the Hue City Passport, the passport with the first exploration program called “Famous Relics and Destinations in Hue”, will introduce special attractions that should not be missed when tourists want to learn about Hue’s architecture and culture. In the coming time, the Hue City Passport will be developed with more new programs, promising to open more new exploration journeys with diversified themes such as culinary, spiritual tourism, resorts, and healthcare tourism, etc.

Story and photos: Huu Phuc
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