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Bustling shopping tour at Dong Ba market

TTH.VN - Every day, Dong Ba market welcomes hundreds of foreign visitors to visit and go shopping. During the outbound season, many foreign visitors come to buy specialties, souvenirs, and explore the culture.

Elevating sales into artRhythm of life in Dong Ba market

Group of Asian tourists buying dried fruit jam in large quantities

In addition to individual customers, tour agencies often schedule to bring tourists to visit the market at noon or late afternoon. Besides European tourists traveling during Christmas and New Year; it is currently the peak flow of tourists from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Huong, a Hue specialty seller, said that visitors like to buy dried products and compact souvenirs when coming to Dong Ba market.

In order to serve the shopping needs of customers, in addition to being fluent in French, Ms. Huong also taught herself to communicate in a few other foreign languages.

Ms. Huyen Tran, a French-Vietnamese woman, has returned to Hue with her husband and daughter after more than 40 years. Upon arriving in Hue, her family visited relics and Dong Ba market.

At the end of the trip, she decided to return to the market to buy gifts for her mother and relatives. “The small traders are close and enthusiastic. In addition to buying gifts, my family also enjoy food at the market. This is a market with a rich history and also an interesting place to go shopping,” Ms. Huyen Tran shared.

This season, Dong Ba market welcomes Thai groups of visitors almost every day. This line of customers loves to buy dried fruits and nuts, melaleuca oil... and buy them in bulk.

After more than 1 hour of trying, choosing as much as one’s want and buying a big bag, Ms. Kyo Pat - a Thai tourist said that she was quite impressed by the clear information on prices and items; the sellers were also very friendly, while the specialties were delicious and cheap … This is far different from what she has heard when shopping here.

Considered as “miniature of Hue”, Dong Ba market has about 60 categories of goods from high-end to affordable, with more than 2,700 booths distributed in 6 areas.

According to the head of the Dong Ba Market Management Board, Ms. Hoang Thi Nhu Thanh, in addition to arranging and constructing the categories, listing prices, etc., the market launched the “3 NOs” campaign (no pestering tourists, no mi xua (showing unpleasant expression to guests if they haggle about the prices of a product but do not buy it), no overcharging) and “2 YES’s” (‘yes’ to quality, and to good reputation). This change contributes to creating a friendly cultural destination, leaving many beautiful impressions in the hearts of visitors.

Ms. Vo Thi Nhu Y, a guide of Indochia Company (Da Nang Travel and Tourism Company) shared thather company has 4-5 tours in Hue every month. Each tour in Hue lasts 4 days, including a tour to Dong Ba market to visit and go shopping. “The price is quite reasonable, the goods are diverse and easy to choose, so the market is an indispensable destination in our company's tour,” Ms. Y said.

Let join Thua Thien Hue Online to follow tourists to visit and go shopping at Dong Ba market these days:

Tour groups take tourists to visit the market

Looking for buying gifts when Christmas is coming

While waiting, visitors try some jams and cakes

European customers prefer handmade souvenirs or eco-friendly products

Ms. Amelia, an Australian, decided to buy chopsticks to offer to her relatives to experience the Asian way of picking up food with chopsticks

Diverse and rich shopping needs

Feel free to visit and explore the culinary culture at the market

Transparent payment on the spot

Listen to the tour guide explaining about the cultural history and life in the market

A Thai guest shows off a new large gift bag

Content when you come, Satisfied when you leave

By Tue Thang

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