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Leveraging Tourism from Student Competitions

TTH.VN - Many competitions organized by Hue University have attracted thousands of contestants from both domestic and international backgrounds, contributing to the development of tourism.

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 Contestants Visiting Hue for Competitions and Tourism

Thousands of Students Coming to Hue

In late 2023, the University of Sciences, Hue University, was bustling with activity as it hosted the 32nd Vietnamese Student Informatics Olympiad - Procon Vietnam 2023 and the ICPC Asia Hue City 2023 international programming competition. These events, organized in collaboration with the Vietnam Informatics Association, the Vietnam Student Association, and the Ministry of Education and Training, attracted more than 600 students from academies, universities, and colleges nationwide, as well as from prestigious universities in six countries: South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Attending these competitions, contestants also had the opportunity to visit Hue's heritage sites, experience unique tourism products, new tours, and Hue's cuisine. Hundreds of rooms were booked for a 3-day, 2-night stay.

International contestants were particularly impressed with Hue and stated that they would share their positive experiences with friends and family back home, highlighting a beautiful land with a rich cultural heritage.

Shortly thereafter, University of Sciences, Hue University, hosted the “Hue-ICT Challenge 2024” final round for high school students. Out of more than 2,100 contestants from 54 provinces and cities across the country in the preliminary round, 396 outstanding contestants from 34 provinces and cities came to Hue.

Despite the event lasting just one day, many heritage site visits were organized. Numerous contestants arrived early to combine the competition with family tourism.

Most recently, the 14th National Architecture Student Festival - HUSC 2024, organized by the Vietnam Association of Architects and the University of Sciences, Hue University took place in April 2024. This event is part of the Summer Festival series within the Hue Festival 2024 program. Compared to previous festivals, this one saw the largest number of participants, with up to 1,000 lecturers and architecture students from 26 domestic universities and three foreign universities from Thailand and Japan.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thanh Tung, Rector of the University of Sciences, Hue University, shared that the festival not only provided a platform for architecture students to showcase their talents but also offered opportunities for exchange and learning with their peers nationwide.

During the four-day festival, dozens of activities, including arts, sports, seminars, and tours, were organized. All lecturers and students participated in a city tour to explore Hue, along with other combined tourism routes during the festival days. The festival has become a significant event for Hue, enhancing cooperation in cultural, educational, and training development, contributing to the comprehensive development of the local economy, culture, and society.

Potential for Exploitation

Participating in the 14th National Architecture Student Festival - HUSC 2024, Tran Cao Ky Anh, a student from the University of Technology - Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, was impressed. It was his first time visiting Hue, a city with a vast heritage system and profound traditional culture. Compared to the bustling and noisy Ho Chi Minh City, Hue felt serene and peaceful. Given the opportunity, Tran Cao Ky Anh expressed his desire to return to Hue soon for further experiences in this beautiful city.

Dr. Phan Dang Son, architect, President of the Vietnam Association of Architects, emphasized that the 14th National Architecture Student Festival - HUSC 2024 contributes ideas for preserving and promoting Hue's rich and distinctive culture, which has long been underutilized. The festival also helps build the unique festival city brand name of Vietnam, fostering a new type of festival within the creative flow, establishing a unique “cultural industry,” and propelling the nation into the future with sustainable internal strength.

According to Dr. Le Van Tuong Lan, Acting Head of Training and Student Affairs, Hue University, the university currently has about 60,000 regular students. As a regional university, Hue University annually organizes dozens of prestigious competitions of international and national stature, and hundreds of conferences and seminars, attracting thousands of delegates.

When coming to Hue, besides participating in professional activities, most delegates and contestants also combine their visits with tourism, utilizing various tourism services. This contributes to the development of tourism in the ancient capital. If there were closer coordination between Hue University and the tourism sector in exploitation and supply of service, this could become a significant potential customer source for tourism.

Story and photo: DUC QUANG
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