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Tam Giang Water Wave Festival 2024: Combining culture with tourism

TTH.VN - As a part of the programs celebrating Hue Festival 2024, from June 8th to 10th, Quang Dien district will host the Tam Giang Water Wave Festival featuring a myriad of cultural, artistic, and sports activities, which is a unique feature of a countryside's river culture at the foot of Tam Giang lagoon.

Paragliding performances due to be held at “Song nuoc Tam Giang” Festival“Song nuoc Tam Giang” Festival to take place from June 17 - 19

 At the festival, visitors can try making products from the traditional bamboo and rattan craft village. Photo by DLQĐ

An opportunity for tourism development

The festival spans 3 days (June 8th - 10th) and is structured into 4 main components: the ceremony, the fair, tourism activities, and other interactive events. The central space of the festival remains the poetic Tam Giang Lagoon, with the focal points being Con Toc Park (Quang Loi commune), Tan My Beach (Quang Ngan), and Cuong Giang Beach (Quang Cong). These destinations will be vibrant with unique cultural, artistic, and sports activities that all have distinct features of Quang Dien countryside’s waterway culture.

The Tam Giang Water Wave Festival will feature a variety of vibrant activities. The opening ceremony will take place on a floating stage by the Tam Giang Lagoon, showcasing cultural and artistic performances by renowned artists from both in and outside the province. Within the festival, there will also be the "Quang Dien Market Cuisine" program held in the nostalgic setting of the old countryside. Here, diners will enjoy many rustic, distinctive, and traditional dishes that have been carefully selected and revived, with local specialties as the main ingredients.

The trade fair during the festival aims to attract numerous booths featuring local specialties (OCOP) to promote and boost trading, with exhibitions introducing products from traditional craft villages and unique dishes from the countryside, especially seafood from Tam Giang Lagoon. At the same time, agreements for cooperation and connections were signed between companies and travel agencies both within and outside the province and the Tam Giang Quang Loi Community Tourism Cooperative. At the space by the lagoon, the organizers also hold an exhibition and award prizes for dozens of works selected from the second "Beauty of Quang Dien through Photos" contest in 2024.

Bả trạo singing - a form of singing that combines dance and performance, created by fishermen over the generations to perform during village festivals and ceremonies honoring gods or those who contributed to farming, land reclamation, or teaching riverine trades - was also revived and presented to visitors on this occasion. Through these activities, the organizers aim to enrich the cultural and spiritual life, enhancing cultural enjoyment for both locals and tourists.

During the Tam Giang Water Wave Festival 2024, various sports activities will also be taken place, including boat racing on the Tam Giang Lagoon, beach volleyball, traditional wrestling, iron ball throwing, tug of war on water, etc. Visitors can immerse themselves in participating in traditional games such as pole pushing, blindfolded pot hitting, kite flying contests, monkey bridge challenges, etc., for a chance to win prizes.

Creating a unique impression for tourists

During this period, Quang Dien district will also organize "Seaside Tourism Season" and Tam Giang Lagoon tourism activities. The highlight is the tour program, the experience of the Tam Giang Lagoon region combined with a visit to the traditional bamboo weaving village of Thuy Lap (Quang Loi commune); visitors can explore by motorboat, paddleboard, or bicycle; check in at various tourist spots; and experience some stages of the process of making products from bamboo and rattan at the Thuy Lap bamboo weaving village in Quang Loi commune.

The organizers aim to effectively combine cultural and community-oriented tourism activities, making them attractive and highly appealing, to create lasting positive impressions to attract tourists whenever they visit Quang Dien.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, Vice Chairman of Quang Dien District People's Committee and Head of the Festival Organizing Committee, the "Tam Giang Water Wave Festival" is an occasion to honor the cultural and historical values of the district. It aims to introduce and promote the unique qualities of Quang Dien's land and people to friends both domestically and internationally. This is also an opportunity for Quang Dien to showcase to visitors the tourism and service development potential of a district rich in culture and history. Quang Dien is a land with a long history, associated with many famous historical and cultural relics, along with the abundant and attractive specialties of the riverine countryside and the immense potential of the Tam Giang lagoon system.

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