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Introducing the process of preserving and restoring Phung Tien Palace

TTH.VN - "Protecting heritages" is a program organized by Hue Monuments Conservation Center and German Cultural Heritage Preservation Association (GEKE) on June 17 at Phung Tien Palace, Imperial Citadel.

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German expert Andrea Teufel (first on the right) introducing the process of preserving and restoring the heritage works of Phung Tien Palace

Participating in the program were 15 students from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Sciences - Hue University. The students listened to the German restoration expert Andrea Teufel introduce the process of preserving and restoring the heritage buildings of Phung Tien Palace, focusing on introducing the technology of decorating works with mortar and fresco surfaces. The students are also guided by experts to practice making sample panels with different types of mortar.

This is an activity within the framework of the program "Heritage Education" and the project "Conservation and virtual restoration, integrated with technical training at Phung Tien Palace" of the two units. The program aims to raise awareness of the students about the protection of Hue’s cultural heritage, help them learn about the techniques of conservation and restoration of historical works.

Since 2017, the German Cultural Heritage Preservation Association and Hue Monuments Conservation Center have made efforts to preserve and restore the remaining architectures of Phung Tien Palace, the Palace, and the ceremonial works that had been destroyed during the war.

The project restores the works at the entrance, the wall system of the palace as well as the five entrance gates and the rear guarding screen; archaeologically preserving the ruins and foundations of the destroyed buildings; reconstructing the previous layout of the building and its buildings on the basis of architectural fragments and archival records. The project also provides conservation and restoration training for local craftsmen and artisans; extensively propagandize heritage conservation for pupils and students.

By Minh Hien

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