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"Peintures musicales" exhibition

TTH.VN - This is an exhibition by Jacob Reymond, the painter, which will open on the afternoon of January 9 at French Institute in Hue. The exhibition introduces 10 works painted in Chinese ink on paper, acrylic on canvas ...

"Rendez - Vous" exhibitionArtistic exhibition to celebrate traditional DayExhibition opened to celebrate Vietnam Teachers' Day

These are the works that the painter Jacob Reymond draws the suites in the space of musical harmony.

Also in the afternoon of January 9, Jacob Reymond will have a talk on the topic "Picasso - the revolution in painting history", introducing to public the contributions of the genius artist Picasso, who is recognized as the most typical painter of the 20th century.


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Reuniting "Friends"

A group of artists from many places have been in love with Hue so much that they have painted art works about the land known as "the beauty of Hue can be found nowhere else" as a keepsake of their memories of the Ancient Capital.

Reuniting Friends
“Memory lane” - Diary through paintings

More than 130 paintings, which are the selected works from the artistic career of painter Nguyen Van Nguyen, were recently exhibited and introduced to the public on the afternoon of March 22nd at Ho Chi Minh Museum in Thua Thien Hue (7 Le Loi Street, Hue City).

“Memory lane” - Diary through paintings
Exhibition "Spring Colors" and sketch journey back to Phu Loc

With the theme "Spring Colors", the exhibition organized by the Hue Museum of Fine Arts just opened on the morning of March 21 at the Center for Culture, Information and Sports of Phu Loc district, attracting a large number of the public.

Exhibition Spring Colors and sketch journey back to Phu Loc
Remedies for fine art exhibition in Hue

In addition to the ordinary exhibitions, Hue Museum of Fine Art needs to aim to the assistance of digital technology to attract more viewers and provide them with more hands-on experience. What is meant by digital technology is the its focus on digitizing data and exploiting smart remedies for the exhibits.

Remedies for fine art exhibition in Hue
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