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Promoting cooperation in biological research and teaching in Vietnam

TTH.VN - The 6th National Scientific Conference on Biological Research and Teaching in Vietnam, hosted by University of Education, Hue University, took place on July 6th.

Awarding the student winning the Silver Medal at the International Biology OlympiadMeeting the student who won the international silver medalProvincial People’s Committee awards certificate of merit to student winning gold medal in International Biology Olympiad 2020

 Presenting flowers to the reporters whose research was shared

The conference attracted scientists and lecturers from nearly 20 universities in the country. It was a forum for scientists and education managers in the field of biology in Vietnam to meet, exchange, and share the latest research results, the experiences in teaching, and strategic directions for the development of the biology sector in general, and biology teaching in particular, in the future. It also provided an opportunity for innovative and breakthrough ideas to be applied in practice.

The conference received a total of 180 scientific articles, divided into three categories: Basic biological research; Applied biological research for life and social development; and Scientific research on education and biology teaching in Vietnam.

Notably, the category on Scientific research on education and biology teaching in Vietnam featured several timely reports, such as: “Using misconception-based exercises to develop critical thinking skills for high school students in biology teaching”; “Developing an oral test bank to assess students' qualities and competencies”; “Using Coze AI to design a BOT for answering biology questions for students”; and “A brief history of research on metacognitive ability in school teaching."

Biology is a field of science crucial for understanding life and the laws of nature. Research in this area not only enhances scientific knowledge but also has wide-ranging applications in various fields. Thus, promoting research and teaching in biology is an essential and urgent task in the context of globalization and the current Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Proud of Vietnam’s national name
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