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U.S. doctors bring dental care to mountainous children

TTH.VN - From March 7 to 11, the 2018 mission of Dental Mission for Children (DMC), U.S. in the mountainous district of Nam Dong, Southern Thua Thien Hue, was accomplished with great success.

Bringing clean water to Nam DongAsian doctors devote love and services in A LuoiCooperation in tourism development in 4 mountainous districts

U.S. doctors and Vietnamese volunteers work together for dental care and extraction

The team, consisting of 18 dental doctors and medical volunteers from the U.S. and Vietnam, provided free and diligent dental care and treatment to every primary student in Huong Phu, Huong Hoa, Thuong Quang, Huong Loc and Huong Giang communes respectively.

Screening children for dental flaws

Up to about 900 kids were screened for dental flaws, and about 300 children were given dental care and extraction.

As an emphasis on prevention, DMC also provided dental education for hundreds of parents in the communes that they worked in. Besides, in each locality, ten children with disability or impact of agent orange in each locality were given valuable gifts.

Giving gift to the children with disability

The medical trip also highlights the exploration of the team members into the life and culture of the local people, especially the indigenous Katu.

DMC is a U.S. non-profit and non-governmental organization that has served in Vietnam for over 20 years. In its missions in the province over the years, DMC has received effective facilitation and assistance from its local partner Thua Thien Hue Union of Friendship Organization (HueFO) and the hands of local medical students and doctors.

Story and photos: The Vinh

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Ms. A Lang Be doing tourism business

From a girl who could only help her parents with farming - growing rice and corn, Ms. A Lang Be has taken her opportunity to become a tour guide when the legendary Kazan waterfall in Doi village (Thuong Lo commune, Nam Dong district), considered “a natural breast”, bestows an eco-tourism site on the local community.

Ms A Lang Be doing tourism business
La Son - Tuy Loan Expressway: An impetus for development

After years of dreaming and waiting, La Son - Tuy Loan Expressway has been completed and put into use since this April. This is a key project with the mission of creating a new driving force in socio-economic development not only in Thua Thien Hue province but also in the Central Region.

La Son - Tuy Loan Expressway An impetus for development
Hardship in "carrying films pick-a-back” to mountain villages

In the era of information explosion, especially information on the Internet alongside modern media, the mobile film projection is almost rarely mentioned, and it is joked that it is the technology of a "beggars of the past" time. However, in fact, for remote areas, the mobile movie film projection is seen as a cultural need and an effective information channel.

Hardship in carrying films pick-a-back” to mountain villages
Unique space of highland cuisine and handicraft products

On May 17, many specialties and cultural products of ethnic minorities in Nam Dong district were displayed at the front yard of Guol house - Culture and Information Office of Nam Dong district. The program is part of the series of events in the 14th provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival of Ethnic minority groups in 2022.

Unique space of highland cuisine and handicraft products
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