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27/12/2018 - 08:01

Applying prescriptions of Thai Y Vien of the Nguyen Dynasty

Many valuable prescriptions of Thai Y Vien (the board taking care of health for the royal family) found in documents of the Nguyen Dynasty need thoroughly researching and putting into use.

Prescriptions of Thai Y Vien can be researched and applied in examining and treating illnesses

Royal products

In 2015, Thua Thien-Hue Oriental Medicine Association implemented the scientific research “Collecting, Translating and Applying Prescriptions of Thai Y Vien of the Nguyen Dynasty.” More than 3,000 pages of documents in Sino-Nom were collected and translated, the most valuable of which were documents concerning prescriptions treating illnesses and maintaining good health using traditional medicine. After analyzing and evaluating, 15 prescriptions were suggested to be put into use, (10 royal prescriptions and 5 royal products.)

Based on the prescriptions of Thai Y Vien, Nguyen Dynasty-Vietnam Culture Product Development Co., Ltd produces different kinds of royal flower tea and royal medicinal herb tea such as ngu phuc am tra, ngu tu dien tong tra, thu o dang chi tra, tuong vien ngu tra, tra phu, Tinh Tam lien hoa ngu tra, etc. Each brand of tea originates from a prescription used by physicians of Thai Y Vien and has its own use.

Besides, the company also successfully produces two kinds of royal wine: lien hoa ngu tuu and hoang trieu ngu tuu. These kinds of wine are carefully and meticulously prepared, following the prescriptions recorded by Thai Y Vien. In the old days, those kinds of wine were reserved for the court and the royal families only. All the products are basically made in the traditional way, but some stages are standardized so as to ensure hygiene and good packaging.

“Though the prescriptions are available, making them into products is a hard and elaborate process with many past failures. Documents are limited and not very clear about specific steps and tools. It was a process of trial and error. With a lot of effort, our products now sell well on the market,” said Mr. Dang Van Thanh, Director of Nguyen Dynasty-Vietnam Culture Product Development Co., Ltd

According to Thanh, his company wants to produce other products too, based on the precious documents of Thai Y Vien such as the prescription for treating legs with medicinal herbs, but it is actually not a bed of roses. They need support in registration procedure and promotion of the brand as well.

Thoroughly researched

Of over 1,000 collected prescriptions of Thai Y Vien, many can be applied in treating illnesses and enhancing people’s health. According to Phan Tan To (MA), Vice-President of Hue Oriental Medicine Association, prescriptions for enhancing vitality and virility, for old ages and for hair and skin care, etc. if put into use, would be very efficient. 

Thich Tue Tam, a physician, Vice-President of Thua Then-Hue Oriental Medicine Association has translated some documents of the Nguyen Dynasty and prescriptions used by royal physicians. He applies those prescriptions to his treating, especially the popular prescriptions for maintaining good health and vitality. Prescriptions such as luc vi, bat vi, etc. can help exhausted patients. Those who do not eat and sleep well can try quy ty, which is good for virility too.

According to Tue Tam, the found prescriptions are very valuable, but it does not mean that all can be used immediately. “In the past, they were preserved for the kings, but now they need to be adjusted in accordance with each individual’s health status. Every time I prescribe Minh Mang Thang for someone, I always take his pulse and adjust the ingredients to suit his health status. However, prescriptions enhancing health can be adjusted a little bit and used for everyone.”

According to Thich Tue Tam, the prestige of Thai Y Vien and physicians in the Nguyen Dynasty is an advantage for Thua Thien-Hue to promote and make up the prescriptions which used to be employed in the imperial city. “It is important that experienced physicians work together and research thoroughly to work out complete prescriptions, based on the traditional ones. Composition should be adjusted and common prescriptions can be widely used in the form of tablets, paste or soaking in wine. Labels should be designed in the royal style too,” suggested Tue Tam.

Story: Minh Hien