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04/04/2018 - 10:55

Augmented Reality Exhibition – the ‘Joy’

The exhibition is a combination of 12 artists from different disciplines, such as the Paris Playground Graphic Design Studio, the Annecy photographer and director Romain Laurent (who is famous for his unique GIF files), the French director Emmanuel Cossu, the British cartoonist Jon Burgerman, etc.

The audience is experiencing excitements of the ‘Joy’ exhibition. Photo: the Institutfrançais de Hué

Attending the exhibition, viewers simply download and install the "Joy" application on their phones, bring the camera to the front of an artwork and immediately see interesting effects. The artworks will move wonderfully and become lively and colourful.Flowers will bloom; bushes painted black and white will become brilliant; images alter with a vibrant 3D effect.

The exhibition has been held in France and Thailand. With an idea of ​​implementing an augmented reality project, the exhibition uses a smartphone technology application to enhance the realism and vitality of the artwork, and brings an exciting experience to the audience since they will stroll between the craft and digital artworks, paper and screen, silence and sound.

"Just as the topic of the exhibition is all about, the audience will certainly be immersed in the colourful, lively and poetic ‘joy’," said a representative of the exhibition organizers.

The exhibition will take place at the Institutfrançais de Hué until April 20, 2018.

By Trang Hien