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21/12/2020 - 20:37

Enjoying Hue cuisine under the rain 

Though the cold rainy weather has significantly affected the attraction of Hue Gastronomy Festival, within the framework of the Ao Dai Festival and Hue Gastronomy Festival 2020, taken place at Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street, many local people and visitors have still gone to the festival to enjoy the cuisine.

Hue cuisine is sophisticated, unique and different (A culinary work which is made by Hue Tourism College, and performed at the Gastronomy Festival)

Many visitors said that they found it very interesting to enjoy the cuisine in a novel space and in the typical winter weather of Hue. When they are sitting inside the traditional-style culinary stalls covered with white and clear plastic sheets, which keep them warm and dry; they can watch the rain outside, giving them the romantic feeling just like the scenes in the movies.

The Gastronomy Festival consists of 50 culinary stalls, introducing the quintessence of folk, traditional, royal, vegetarian cuisine, and contemporary dishes such as cakes, and grilled dishes, etc. The festival also has introducing and promoting activities in association with the activities of manipulating and demonstrating the dishes processing, promoting the uniqueness of Hue culinary culture.

The culinary stalls, which are suitable for the cold weather including kinds of Hue sweet soup, and grilled dishes, etc., have attracted the local people and visitors the most.

The organization of the Gastronomy Festival within the framework of the Ao Dai Festival and Hue Gastronomy Festival 2020 is an activity aimed to preserve and promote the intangible cultural heritage values ​​of the nation in general, and the cultural identity of Thua Thien Hue in particular; initially implementing the project of "Hue - The Capital of Vietnamese Cuisine".

Some photos of the Gastronomy Festival captured by Thua Thien Hue Online on the evening of December 19:

Walking romantically in the culinary space on the bank of the Perfume River

In spite of the cold weather, many visitors still chose to go to the Gastronomy Festival

The white and clear plastic sheets, which were set up around the culinary stalls, helped diners not to worry about the weather

Hue sweet soup was chosen by many diners

Two female visitors from Hanoi City did not miss their opportunity to enjoy the typical dishes of Hue

Grilled dishes were also chosen by many diners

The sweet cakes for the winter days

The festival also introduced tasty seafood dishes

This was also an opportunity to introduce the unique and diverse cuisine of the ancient capital land

The culinary space was also the place which many people chose to keep their memories

By Duc Quang