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16/09/2019 - 21:24

Exhibition of Nguyen Dynasty antiques in the heart of Sydney

The exhibition "Present from the Past" was organized by the Vietnam Center (VNC) - an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization.

Gold-plated silver book, 9th year of Bao Dai’s reign (1934) (Photo: Ha My/VNA)

According to a Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Australia, the exhibition of contemporary works inspired by Vietnamese culture under the Nguyen Dynasty was held in Sydney from September 6 -15.

The exhibition entitled "Present from the Past" was organized by the Vietnam Center (VNC), an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization, with the purpose of promoting Vietnamese culture and image to the world.

Visiting the exhibition, Vietnamese expatriates, Vietnamese students, Australians and international visitors all showed great interest in immersing themselves in the ancient cultural space of the Nguyen Dynasty - the last feudal dynasty in the history of Vietnam. The exhibition displayed antiques, ancient costumes and paintings created by the talented hands of young contemporary artists in the country. 

The exhibits on display all showcased the exquisite and splendid cultural features of the 143-year period of the country. Among which, the most striking was the collection of costumes of the kings, queens and mandarins of the Nguyen Dynasty, with extremely elaborate embroidery patterns in accordance with the original relics left at the Hue Imperial Palace.

In particular, visitors to the exhibition were intrigued with a pair of enamelled copper (pháp lam) pots. Pháp lam is a ceramic enamelling technique on metal (gold, silver, or copper) that was introduced to Vietnam in the early 19th century. On an enamelled copper vase displayed at this exhibition were Northern folk dances and on another one was the illustration of the “Tố Nữ” folk painting set.

The exhibition also introduced a collection of contemporary paintings inspired by Nguyen Dynasty culture, Nguyen Dynasty's architectural photographs, Dai Viet Hoa Van project, and many applied products that showed the cultural features of the Nguyen Dynasty. They helped viewers have a better understanding of the ancient Vietnamese people's daily life, customs, and culture.

Ms. Hanh Nguyen, a member of the Organizing Committee of the exhibition, said that since its founding in early 2017 by a group of young people living and studying in Australia, VNC has aimed to organize Vietnam-themed activities in Australia. These included the successful project "Weaving the Dynasty" held the previous year, which recreated the ritual and costumes of the Dai Viet court in the early Le Dynasty. 

An ancient costume of the Nguyen Dynasty. (Photo: Nguyen Minh / Vietnam +)

The idea of ​​organizing this Nguyen Dynasty cultural exhibition was formed about 5 months ago after the Center received the approval of Y Van Hien Company on providing Nguyen Dynasty costumes for exhibition. Y Van Hien is a company specializing in researching and restoring traditional costumes, royal and folk rituals based in Hanoi.

Ms. Hanh Nguyen also said that during the opening time, the exhibition attracted a large number of visitors and received very positive feedback from international visitors who love Vietnam and are eager to learn about unique cultural and historical features of Vietnam.

Ancient costume of the Nguyen Dynasty. (Photo: Nguyen Minh / Vietnam +)

A pair of ancient vases in the Nguyen court. (Photo: Nguyen Minh / Vietnam +)

Ancient costume of the Nguyen Dynasty. (Photo: Nguyen Minh / Vietnam +)

By Nguyen Minh (TTXVN/Vietnam+)