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The world’s documentary heritages in Vietnam through the Nguyen Dynasty’s documentary heritages

TTH.VN - The opening of the exhibition entitled "Access to the world’s documentary heritages in Vietnam through the Nguyen Dynasty’s documentary heritages" took place on August 26th, at Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam (Ha Noi).


The woodblocks of the c displayed in the exhibition

The exhibition introduces to the public 3 documentary heritages of the Nguyen Dynasty which are recognized by UNESCO as the world documentary heritages:  woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty, official documents of the Nguyen Dynasty and poetry on Hue royal architecture.

Woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty are the first world documentary heritage in Vietnam recognized by UNESCO. Official documents of Nguyen Dynasty are the second documentary heritage of the Nguyen Dynasty recognized as the world documentary heritage. Poetry on the imperial architecture of Hue is literary works carved elaborately on the wooden structures of royal architecture. The works focus on a variety of topics, expressing the national spirit and good traditions, the pride in the country and people


Visitors to the exhibition

Through 70 documentaries and exhibits about woodblocks, official documents, poetry on Hue royal architecture, and 16 versions of woodblocks, the public coming to the exhibition will access the world documentary heritages in Vietnam through some prominent themes such as: the national name through the woodblocks, the system of former competitive-examinations of the Nguyen Dynasty through official documents and the national spirit through the poetry on Hue royal architecture

According to Quan Doi Nhan Dan Online

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“Dragon symbol through Tran Do’s pottery”

Within the framework of Hue International Art Festival Week 2024, on the afternoon of June 6, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center in collaboration with People's Artist Tran Do organized the opening of the exhibition "Dragon Symbol through Tran Do’s Pottery. The exhibition is displayed in the ancient, splendid space of Kien Trung Palace in Hue Imperial Citadel.

“Dragon symbol through Tran Do’s pottery”
Provincial leaders meet with “The Last Empress” film crew

On the afternoon of May 7th, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh - Member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the provincial Party Committee, held a working session with Mar6 Studios Co., Ltd. regarding the film project about Empress Nam Phuong. Representatives from relevant departments and agencies also attended the meeting.

Provincial leaders meet with “The Last Empress” film crew
The “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal

The following are some photos taken by Nguyen Phuc Bao Minh, a photographer, during a visit to the Nam Hong Royal Museum (Tu Son, Bac Ninh), with a working group of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, where the “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal is displayed by Mr. Nguyen The Hong, a businessman.

The “Emperor’s Treasure” golden seal
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