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18/01/2020 - 16:29

Hue New Year through a number of traditional crafts

On January 17, Hue Cultural Museum opened the exhibition called "Hue New Year through a number of traditional crafts", aiming to introduce to the public the unique beauty of Hue New Year through traditional handmade products.

The exhibition space introducing the uniqueness of traditional Tet products

Every Tet, the traditional craft villages in the ancient capital of Hue are busy and bustling preparing for spring. As early as 23 December of the Lunar calendar, statues of Ong Tao (Kitchen God) from Dia Linh village have found their way to the kitchens of each household, bringing the wish for a lucky and prosperous new year. The colorful paper flowers from Thanh Tien village appear across towns and villages. Fragrant incense sticks of Thuy Xuan village also spread the scent of Tet.

To introduce this unique culture, Hue Cultural Museum introduces to the public traditional crafts such as incense making in Thuy Xuan, paper cast - tureen making in Chuon village, traditional paintings from Sinh village, paper-flower making from Thanh Tien village, rice beads making (for worshipping) and casting of Kitchen God statues. Through documents, images, artifacts, the origin, characteristics, unique features and stages of making products of these traditional crafts are introduced to the public...

Ms. Nguyen Hong Hoa Tranh, Director of Hue Cultural Museum, shared: “During Hue New Year celebration, rituals and worships are the most important parts, and are maintained solemnly and methodically, with care and sincerity. Before Tet, there are rituals for worshipping the Kitchen Gods, worshipping the ancestors of professions, year-end dinner offering, ritual to invite ancestors to celebrate Tet, and New Year Eve ritual. The third day of Tet holiday is a ritual to send off the ancestors, and there are also rituals to welcome the beginning of the year, worshipping on Nguyen Tieu (the first full-moon night of Lunar calendar), and rituals of the village, of the neighbourhood, of the family, etc. We would like to introduce to viewers the traditional occupations associated with ancestor worship and spiritual life of Hue people.”

The exhibition is open until 17/2.

Some traditional craft products of Tet holiday on display at Hue Cultural Museum captured by Thua Thien Hue Online:

The craft of making rice beads still quietly exists in Lai An village (Phu Vang)

Incense making in Thuy Xuan has existed and developed for hundreds of years, contributing to the unique culture of Hue people

Thanh Tien’s paper flowers bloom with Tet

Statues of the Kitchen Gods, a product of Dia Linh village (Huong Vinh, Huong Tra)

Woodblock template used in Sinh village paintings

Folk painting of Sinh village: Bo bat am (eight-tone precincts)

Story and photos: Minh Hien