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05/08/2020 - 17:19

Overwhelming antiquity space in the heart of Hue 

Nguyen Huu Hoang, the collector, is not only popular in the collection world with the costumes of the Nguyen Dynasty, but also famous for owning up to thousands of antique items of all kinds. Anyone who have the opportunity to enter the space located in his house (at 10 Nguyen Sinh Cung Street, Vi Da Ward, Hue City), will definitely be overwhelmed by the ancient items.

Nguyen Huu Hoang (in white shirt) introduces his collection of porcelain items to a visitor

“I have collected all of these items for nearly 30 years, since I was a young 18-years-old boy. And until now, that passion is still consistent, and attached to me,” Nguyen Huu Hoang, the collector who has just turned to 47 years old, shared the journey to his own passion to collect antique items.

He has travelled to the South, to the North, and to everywhere in the country for unique and interesting antique items, to study and research them, and if there is "fate", he will also be possessed of them.

As a generous, cheerful and approachable person, many people like him; thus, he sometimes accidentally "grabs" antique, unique and rare items. “It is not about money when it comes to buying anything you want. In addition to taking time to pursuit them, there must be fate,” Nguyen Huu Hoang shared, and added that there were many antique items that he had spent many years travelling many times in remote mountainous areas to collect them.

In his exhibition space, there are currently thousands of antique items that can be named such as porcelain, pottery, wood, etc., items dating back to thousands of years. This is also a place where antiques collectors, enthusiasts, and visitors frequently go to, to share and chat with the owner.

In addition, in the recent time, he has also collected a lot of paintings by Hue artists, as well as fine arts nationwide. Many valuable items of Mr. Hoang are displayed and exhibited to the public across the country. He also donates some to the museum.

Let's take a look at the photos about the antiquity space of the collector Nguyen Huu Hoang recorded by Thua Thien Hue Online:

A collection of very beautiful Chu Dau ceramic boxes which were collected by Hoang many years ago

Among Hoang’s collections, there are many pots of Chinese origin with unique patterns

Besides antique items, paintings are the ones that Mr. Hoang has explored and collected recently

When mentioning about Hoang's collections, it is impossible not to mention the pottery items hauled up from the bottom of the Huong River

The exhibition space of Nguyen Huu Hoang at 10 Nguyen Sinh Cung Street displays thousands of extremely impressive artifacts

This place is not only an exhibition space, but also a destination for many antiques lovers from everywhere to meet and share

Many Buddha statues are collected and displayed by Hoang

The ordered porcelain items of the Nguyen Dynasty are prominent in the exhibition space of Mr. Nguyen Huu Hoang

Besides porcelain and pottery items, the wood ones are sophisticatedly carved with mother of pearl

Many of Hoang’s valuable items are displayed and exhibited to the public across the country

A video recorded inside the antiquity space of the collector Nguyen Huu Hoang