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14/12/2017 - 07:59

“Phuot” in the Hue youth

Nowadays, phuot (backpacking) trend has spread and become popular with the Hue youth. Phuot attracts the youth because this is a form of adventure tourism, bringing strong feelings.

Hue phuot motorcyclists in Dac Krong – Quang Tri. Photo: Phuot Co do


I am very lucky to meet many phuot groups in Hue. Some groups specialize in backpacking by motors, others specialize in backpacking by two-door cars or by boat, etc. All of them are very young, and have good health, good economic conditions and sociocultural knowledge. More importantly, they have passion and love for experiencing and exploring the world. Like other people, they took to phuot at first with a few people; picked up some new, untouched, adventurous destinations; and set off. After those trips, many people join in and gradually form the crowded phuot groups.

Tran Khanh, a phuot motorcyclist said, “At the beginning my phuot group only had some persons. Then many people made friends and asked to join in after we went to new, wild and dangerous lands, and posted some photos on Facebook.” Until now, the number of my group has reached several dozens of people.” And Mr. The Hung, who likes to phuot by boat said, “Hue has many beautiful wild rivers and springs. We want to see the flow of streams and rivers with our own eyes and love experiencing on the green stream, so that is the reason why we arrange to go phuot-ing. In the winter, we move to phuot in southern cities, where there are many rivers and lakes.”

With their passion, the phuot group in Hue set up the fanpage “ Phuot Hue” to connect the community, share experiences while going on a phuot trip, and it is supported by the youth when the number of followers is over 14,000 people – an impressive figure.

Before the departure time

Not everyone can phuot

Talking about phuot is talking about the people wanting to venture in the abrupt, wild areas or amazing places where not many people have arrived. Phuot people do not usually set a high goal in each trip, and do not need any standard either. They only want to make a trip to strange places; or go to remote areas in the country with friends. They go to refresh or challenge themselves. Although it seems to be simple, not everyone can Phuot.

Phuot-ing by boat on the Perfume River

Phuot requires many external and internal conditions. According to phuot people, in addition to the desire to explore, it is necessary for phuot people to meet many conditions such as good health, passion and a little bit of risk, and certainly, a good economic condition.

Stopping at Bach Ma

Mr. Quoc Quan, who always goes phuot-ing by his old two-door car, shared, “Backpacking by this type of car is very difficult (because this type of car is scarce), after purchase, I have to refurbish the car with a lot of money; perhaps it is as expensive as a new car. Then, I arrange long trips to conquer many dangerous roads. To be honest, it is very costly to go backpacking by this type of car. Just because of passion, I go for it.” And Mr. The Hung, who goes phuot-ing by boat said, “An engined boat and oars imported from overseas cost up to dozens of million VND; on top of that, I also need heaps of other things such as clothes, life-jackets, air bag, etc. which are very costly.”

Story, photos: Trong Hoang