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Backpacking with love

TTH.VN - Not only seeking new experiences on the roads, young backpackers are “refreshing” their trip through charity, helping and sharing some of the difficulties with the less fortunate people.

“Backpackers" at the foot of the passBackpackers from the ancient capitalPromoting charity tourism in Hue

Combining backpacking and surveying, learning about people's lives in A Luoi

Experience through travel

Recently, my friend group have been combining travelling with charity work every time we went on a backpacking trip. We are a group of 10 friends, possessing not only the same passion for exploring the world, but also helping those in need. 

Each trip, we are directed to a destination with different combined works: Donating books to poor students, necessities for people in the highlands, etc., sometimes even health counselling or haircut for poor children if we had the right people with us. With bikes as our steeds, we have been to so many places, all over the highlands in Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Kon Tum… 

In fact, we are not the only one doing it. There are more and more people going on this kind of trip nowadays. It gained the name “Backpacking with Love”, as many groups of friends, couples and even newlyweds who love backpacking chose this combination to enrich their experiences and memories of the land they set foot on.

Combining backpacking and surveying, learning about people's lives in A Luoi

Finding information for a charity backpacking trip is not difficult. All it takes is a little time searching on forums, Facebook or directly chatting with the backpacking community. The online connections of like-minded people not only provide general descriptions of upcoming destinations, but it’s also possible to find locals to connect with the local authorities who can provide information on those in need, places to rendezvous and prepare gifts, etc.…, making the trip much more convenient.

Cong Danh, a regular charity backpacker, shared: “I have a friend group consisting of doctors passionate about backpacking, connecting with friends from many provinces. We often choose remote areas to do health consultations for poor people, dental checkups for children, etc. Each trip, we stay for a few days at the destination to prepare, organize a program, and interact with the people.”

The beauty of charity backpacking trips is not just the discovery of beautiful landscapes and roads, but also experiencing more about the people, culture and cuisine at each destination. While carrying out community programs, backpacker groups or couples would choose to stay with the locals to create closeness. They are invited to meals, have cultural exchanges and mingle with the people.

The group of backpackers stopped to take photos on the way to Dong Giang district (Quang Nam)

Thai Duyen, back from a recent biking trip to the northern provinces with her husband, shared: “There was no need to carry heavy at all. At each destination, after gathering information on the needy cases, we went to the nearby markets to buy gifts for them. We joined them for meals, talked and shared about the joys and sorrows of life. They felt happy, and we found meaning in what we do. After those journeys, my contact list grew, and I gained more acquaintances to regularly visit and give each other words of encouragement. Only those who have been on these trips can truly understand its value.”

Helping people is not about material things

Nowadays, backpacking is no longer a new trend, but charity backpacking is always new, as these backpackers base on the actual situation and stage to decide on their trips to different lands, for example helping people after landslides, storms and floods, supporting poor people after epidemics...

Learning the difficulties of people in Dong Giang (Quang Nam) while backpacking

The younger generation nowadays makes good use of technology and social networks to spread beautiful images and messages of life. The charity backpacking trips have breathed a new life into the self-sufficient tourism movement, which, in turn, created many good programs: Backpacking combined with beach cleaning, protecting the environment; connecting charity associations to organize support programs for people in need…

Duong Thuan, a young backpacker who occasionally goes on charity trips, shared: “There’s not too much pressure about funding. Since backpacker often stay with the locals, it is possible to put aside a little budget for charity depending on the ability of each person, or group and then call for more if needed. The scale of activities is also self-built, also depending on your own strength, and what you can do for the community. Even when backpackers don’t have much money to spare, they can still carry out various activities: teaching, cutting hair for poor children...”

It may sound grandeur, but charity backpacking is ever so simple in the eyes and wishes of individuals and groups of backpackers. Above all, they want to experience and spread the good values ​​in life, to share with people who are still struggling in the cherished S-shaped land.

Story and photos: HUU PHUC

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