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21/04/2019 - 10:02

Presenting 500 national flags to people in Loc Vinh 

On the morning of April 19, Thua Thien Hue Newspaper coordinated with Hue University, Phu Xuan University, and Chan May Port Border Guard Station to hold the activity of presenting 500 national flags to households in Loc Vinh, Phu Loc district.

Here, the units came to several households to give and support in suspending the flags. At the same time, they also renewed the old flags on the fishermen’s boats.

Handing the expense of the 2nd season to support building a marine gratitude house for Grandma Le Thi Chung

In addition to the direct presentation, the units also collaborated with hamlets’ representatives to give flags to households with an aim to respond to the great holidays of the country such as Vietnam Reunification Day (April 30), International Labor Day (May 1) and Ho Chi Minh President’s birth anniversary (May19).

On this occasion, Thua Thien Hue Newspaper and the Provincial Social Insurance handed a donation of 20 million VND, which is the contribution in the second season of the units, businesses and benefactors, etc., to support building a marine gratitude house for grandma Le Thi Chung (Canh Duong hamlet, Loc Vinh commune). The total expense of the house is around 90 million VND.

Presenting flags to representatives of the hamlets

The delegation is bringing flags to the households

Suspending flags together with local people

A person in Loc Vinh is preparing flagstaff

Suspending the flag right after receiving

Some flagstaffs are prepared by the delegation to help the households of single parent families or that of the elderly suspend the flags

Grandma Huynh Thi Luu (Canh Duong hamlet, Loc Vinh commune) is happily contemplating her new flag

The soldiers of Chan May Port Border Guard Station present new flags to the local people personally

Many new flags are suspended on the way to Canh Duong beach

A reporter of Thua Thien Hue Newspaper is taking photos of a person suspending the flag

Bringing flags to the boat for the fisherman

Suspending a flag on the boat together with the fisherman

The discolored flags…

… are replaced by the new ones

By Giang – Phuc