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Sacred mission

TTH.VN - Ky Dai (The Flag Tower) is one of the cultural symbols of Hue Ancient Capital, an architectural relic of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The story of a woman who sewed flags hung at Ky Dai Hue (Hue flagpole)A fragrant species of sweet flagLocals and tourists took to the streets to watch fireworks and welcome New Year's Eve“The golden color of Tam Coc”Presenting 10.000 national flags to fishermen

It was constructed in the 6th year of Gia Long (1807) at the center of the Southern part of the Citadel. Ky Dai consists of the flag bases and flagpole, with a total height of around 54m. Under the Nguyen Dynasty, the flag was hosted on all occasions of important ceremonies, congratulations, patrolling, until urgent cases. On August 23, 1945, for the very first time, the flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam fluttered on the top of Ky Dai, signaling the end of the monarchy.

Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce to you the photos taken by the lens of Bao Minh photographer when he records the work of taking care, preservation, hanging and lowering the flags done by the workers of Ky Dai Protection team (Hue Monuments Conservation Center). To have a 12m-long, 8m-high national flag fluttering on Ky Dai, despite of rainy or sunny days, the workers have to train themselves with skillful and clever skills, as well as knowing the direction of the wind like the back of their hands to save strength. With them, that is a hard, dangerous but so proud and sacred work.

Promptly handling the problem when the flag is torn by the wind 
 Maintaining the reel
 Technical checking on the flagpole
 The national flag fluttering in the air
 Tourists walking on the walking way on Thuong Thanh (the upper surface of the citadel rampart), the section passing Ky Dai
 National flag flying on Hue Flag Tower
By Thua Thien Hue Weekly
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