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12/11/2021 - 08:27

Quality resources for Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone

Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone (EZ) is in full swing again when many domestic and foreign big investors target. To stay ahead of the curve, the formation of skilled and qualified human resources will be a tip-top condition for investors, contributing to fostering Chan May - Lang Co EZ development

On-demand vocational training will meet the labor source for businesses

Labor demand on the rise

Rated as a key economic zone in the Central Region, Chan May - Lang Co EZ in recent years has attracted many valid investments and investment projects with a total registered capital of more than 82,000 billion VND. Notably, it has attracted a number of domestic and foreign branded investors such as Banyantree Group, Saigon Investment Group, Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, and SunGroup Group…Therefore, more than 4,600 jobs have been generated.

With the technical infrastructure gradually being perfected, synchronized and modernized, the investment environment has been increasingly improved and opened, alongside the progressively obvious trend of shift of large corporations out ofthe strong and developed countries after the COVID-19 pandemic, Chan May - Lang Co will surely be a friendly address that attracts many businesses to investment in production and business.

Aside from performing well the reform of administrative procedures, supporting and facilitating the development of businesses, the support of labor recruitment for businesses has always been identified as the key step by the Provincial Management Board of the Economic and Industrial Zones (PMBEIZ) in order to make a breakthrough, create a distinct advantage in attracting and boosting investment against the Central Coast localities.

The Management Board has gradually been proactive in developing the annual and 5-year job generation plan, grasping the needs of businesses in combination with forecast in order to proactively connect with recruitment and job training units, prepare human resources for the requirements laid down.

Therefore, the labor in Chan May - Lang Co EZ have increased in recent years. In addition to job generation for more than 4,600 existing workers, in the 2021-2025 period, Chan May - Lang Co EZ is expected to generate jobs for about 17,000 workers and in the 2026 - 2030 period to generate stable jobs for about 21,000 workers.

In order to achieve the objective of generating jobs as well as providing labor resources to meet the requirements of businesses, according to the  PMBEIZ representative, there remain big challenges to overcome in order to solve the problem of investment attraction: to rapidly develop human resources, especially skilled human resources.

This is because in reality, the percentage of trained workers with degrees and certificates is generally small. Even many businesses still do not know where to find a group of skilled technical workers to operate the installed production line.

Focus on training and developing human resources

According to the development orientation of Chan May - Lang Co EZ, in the coming time the focus is on calling for and developing industries with strengths, competitive advantages, key industries for industrial development and exports, gradually increasing the industries with hi-tech content, developing the supporting industries in the fields of garment, electronics, automobile assembly...

In order to have enough human resources in the above-mentioned sectors and fields to meet development needs, the PMBEIZ conducts a survey and assessment of the (existing and forecast) human resources  in the province and expands the neighboring areas including the local labor resources who go to work far away and are able to return.

In addition, the policies for supporting businesses should be developed, and the forms of human resources recruitment diversified such as recruitment through labor sources under the rural vocational training programs, through the contracts with vocational training institutions and universities. Notably, the task of high-quality human resources preparation in terms of expertise, foreign languages, informatics, communication skills, etc. should not overlooked in order to meet the new wave of investment and investment shift from foreign FDI businesses.

From the viewpoint of the provincial authorities and labor sector, in the period of the international integration and Industrial Revolution 4.0, the vocational training is an urgent task contributing substantially to supplying human resources for growth, increasing labor productivity, and helping workers escape the "average income trap".

For vocational training to be successful, responsive to the development requirements, there is a great need to develop breakthrough solutions, from renovating the legal framework, the supporting policies of the State to renovating and integrating into the world in training, enhancing the quality of vocational teachers and raising the parents and students’ awareness of vocational training roadmap and job opportunities for vocational human resources.

Obviously, trained and skilled workers are always proactive and enjoy the advantages in job search and personal income while meeting the standards and requirements of businesses. To gratify this desire, the sectors, schools, vocational training institutions and businesses must join hands to train and foster human resources for investment projects in Chan May - Lang Co EZ. The prime focus should be on high-quality human resources and hi-tech human resources.

Further, schools and training institutions need to open joint vocational training programs according to the address and types of vocational training that businesses need or to supply activities in the provincial sectors and fields with strengths such as tourism, information technology and communications, hi-tech industry and agriculture.

According to the PMBEIZ forecast, in the period of 2020-2025, Chan May - Lang Co EZ needs to recruit more than 12,000 workers in the province's strong fields such as garment, yarn, mechanics, electronics, tourism services... Notably, Billion Max Export Processing Co., Ltd needs 2,500 workers; 2 automobile production and assembly projects need about 6,000 workers; projects of Laguna Vietnam Company and Minh Vien International Joint Stock Company and some projects in the field of tourism and service need about 2,500-3,000 workers...

Story and photo: Hoai Thuong