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08/07/2021 - 15:08

Rap, passion of the young

For a long time, rap music is no longer foreign to the youth in general and Hue youth in particular. Rap music has emerged recently through game shows such as Rap Viet, King of Rap... making this genre of music more and more popular and gradually gaining a foothold in the public's hearts.

To make a rap song, the position of the music producer is crucial.

Non-stop innovation

It is no exaggeration to think of rap players as “masters” of words, because from their experiences in life, they have distilled and found unique, creative words to leave a strong impression through each of their work. From the presentation, rhyme, arrangement to the topic of rap songs, all are written elaborately and carefully by the rappers.

“To write a rap song, inspiration and emotions are very important. The inspiration is collected from my daily life, from love, work, family, or those around me... Not only that, the idea to write a rap song also comes from everywhere, from countless everyday small things around us, provided that through them, I can express my ego.” shared Bach Long Thai, a rapper, (born in 1991, Rap name: LT Midside), one of the longtime rap players in Hue.

“The first skill needed to form a rap song is lyric writing. Through the lyric, the audience would assess the level and talent of a rapper. The highlight of a rap song lies in its lyric development, rhyming arrangement, puns, comparisons, metaphors, punchline, delivery... Next is the flow, which is basically the way one reads, pauses, creates highlight to draw people into the rap song. Finally, studio skill is also among the important skills for a rapper," said Tran Phu Thanh (born in 1995, rap name: Kanu).

According to Thanh, whether a rapper is professional or not depends on his confidence and control over his music and tone. In addition, the way the rap is handled is also very important to create a complete work.

Once you have finished writing a rap song, the next step would be to find the melody and rhythm for that song, or in other words, a beat. This is considered the first element to mark the success of a song, because based on that, rappers can convey the song's content to the audience in the easiest way.

Furthermore, elements, such as flow, pauses to create accents... are also catalysts that make rap songs able to touch listener’s hearts.

Not just a passion

It's not enough to come to rap just for the sake of passion because the process of creating a rap song requires elaboration, meticulousness and needs to go through many stages to reach completion. On average, it can take either 3 months, 6 months or even a year to get a satisfactory product.

Nguyen Thanh Cong (born in 1991, rap name: Ken C), a music producer, shared: “In order for a rap song to be perfect, the last thing is to record and arrange the music. To do this, music producers need to have some basic skills and knowledge. Every rap song has a different "soul", which requires producers to always be creative."

The harmonization - arrangement for a piece of music is like writing an essay. There must be an opening, a body, and a conclusion. “When approaching a rap song, at first, I need to know what the rap is like and what elements it will need to combine with (genre, content, sound, layout...). From these, I will build a song with the following steps: Identify harmony, create melody, write notes, and arrange instruments. This is the foundation of a piece of music, the melody gives the music its own color and appeal. Next is to create the structure, effects and rhythm for the song... Finally, the arrangement is fine-tuned to make the song more harmonious," said Mr. Cong.

To rappers like LT Midside, Ken C, Kanu, rap music seems to have ingrained in their subconscious and become an indispensable life partner of each individual. Rap songs associated with their memories from childhood to adulthood. Each rap song is like a milestone, marking one's growth.

Currently, Bach Long Thai (or the Rapper LT Midside) has more than 350 works which are known to many people such as: Hoi Ngo (Reunion), Tu tai (Content), Tao Nha (Elegance)... Not only that, he is also leading rapper in the rap movement in Hue and owns a YouTube channel with more than ten thousand views. He often collaborates with other rappers to produce unique and impressive products.

“It’s my fate and pasion to come to rap music. Rap music is like a catalyst that helps me relieve pressures and find joys in life. For young people who are just starting to learn about this genre, please accept it in the most comfortable and natural way because one day, rap music will bring you new and interesting things," said the Rapper LT Midside.

Story and photo: Bach Chau