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30/07/2020 - 18:23

Special Truc Chi books about Hue going to auction

Truc Chi is a special paper art in Vietnam, helping paper become a work itself, and free from the fate as a background.

The cover of the Truc Chi book is viewed under the light. Photo: Thai Ha Books

After the success of the special Truc Chi editions of the book "Art and Artisans of Hue Imperial City" in 2019, Thai Ha Books has continued to make the special Truc Chi editions of the book “Souvenirs of Hue Imperial City in the early 19th century”, and hold auction of these special editions as well.

This time, Thai Ha Books and a group of the artist Phan Hai Bang made three Truc Chi books for the auction. These are all unique editions, each of which sketches a famous landmark of Hue Imperial City, including Hien Nhon Gate, Hien Lam Cac Temple, and Noon Gate (Ngo Mon).

Among them, two versions of the "Hien Nhon Gate" and the "Hien Lam Cac Temple" were auctioned in Hanoi, and the version of the "Noon Gate" was auctioned in Hue. The auctions attracted the participation of many readers who love Hue, as well as sophisticated book collectors.

The proceeds of the three versions totaled up to VND 100 million. The "Hien Nhon Gate" version was sold for VND 33 million, after a bid between two readers.

The "Hien Lam Cac Temple" version was auctioned for VND 35 million, and belonged to Ms. Anh Tuyet. The remaining version of the "Noon Gate" was sold to Ms. Kim Minh, with the auction price of VND 26 million, and VND 6 million supported by Mr. Ho Nam, raising the total of the "Noon Gate" version to VND 32 million.

Previously, in 2019, Thai Ha Books had also organized the auction of six Truc Chi editions of the book "Art and Artisans of Hue Imperial City" by Leopold Michel Cadière, with the proceeds totaled up to VND 133.5 million. Among them, a book was sold at the auction for the highest price at VND 42 million.

All auction proceeds will be donated to Hue Cultural Foundation.

According to Zing News