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Children and the reading festival day

TTH.VN - Compared to their peers living in Hue City and the lowlands, children in the mountainous and remote Nam Dong and A Luoi districts are at a significant disadvantage in terms of access to information technology, books, and age-appropriate publications. However, thanks to the efforts of the education sector, local authorities, and schools, the reading spaces for children in these places are increasingly being supplemented with a variety of books and periodicals, helping them have more "good friends" during their breaks or extracurricular activities.

A home with green roofA Luoi mountain and forest blurred in the mist

Joining the children and responding to the Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day (April 21), Nguyen Khoa Huy, the photographer, recorded the beautiful images of children in A Luoi district making friends with books. Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce this peaceful space, as a way to spread the spirit of the book reading festival day to the green shoots of the future, where living conditions are still very difficult.

 Having pleasure with books
 A teacher guided the children to fill the forms to borrow books
 Choosing books
 In the school library
 Storybooks and children
 In the school yard
By Thua Thien Hue Weekly
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"It's amazing that we came to this festival"

The artists were impressed by the affection and warm welcome from the audience, people, and visitors while representing their nations to perform and exchange culture at Hue Festival 2024 week.

It s amazing that we came to this festival
Bringing the Festival to patients

For hundreds of patients being treated at Hue Central Hospital, the afternoon of June 10 was a more bustling summer afternoon than usual as they enjoyed a unique cultural feature of the land of cherry blossoms from the Eisa Urakaji Drum Dance Art Troupe, which was participating in Hue Festival 2024.

Bringing the Festival to patients
Performing arts in the rain

The heavy rain on the night of June 9th caused a slight delay in the performance of the Double Impro dance group from Wallonia-Brussels, Belgium, at the stage of Quoc Hoc Pavilion. Nevertheless, thousands of spectators eagerly awaited the artists' appearance on stage.

Performing arts in the rain
Solemn Lantern Festival on the Huong River

On the evening of June 9th, the Provincial Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, in coordination with the Hue Festival 2024 Organizing Committee, launched the Lantern Festival.

Solemn Lantern Festival on the Huong River
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