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14/12/2017 - 21:12

Sustainable development orientation of Hue tourism

On the morning of December 13, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) co-ordinated with the Department of Tourism to hold a workshop on "Sustainable development of Vietnam's tourism industry".

Visitors to An Hien garden house. Photo: Nhi Thu

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the VCCI representative said that with the rapid development of the "non-smoke industry", Vietnam in general and Hue in particular were facing many challenges such as the effects on the local residents’ life, indigenous culture, especially the damages to the natural landscapes, and the threatening to the sustainable development in the future.

The presentations in the workshop focused on the issues of sustainable tourism development based on environmental protection, legal risks for Vietnamese tourism enterprises when complying with the environmental laws, etc.

Head of the Department of Tourism said that Hue tourism was gradually developing. Though it might be slower in comparison with other localities, it is always based on environmental protection factors. This is clearly reflected in the development orientation. Therefore, it is the basis for Hue to develop sustainably with longer-term effectiveness.

By Duc Quang