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10/10/2017 - 10:00

Thua Thien Hue’s nearly 3,000m2 of special-use pine forest illegally cleared

2,809m2 special-use pine forest with more than 250 trees over 30 years old in the area of ​​An Tay Ward (Hue City) was illegally cleared and transported out of the area during many days.


The stumps of pine trees over 30 years of age lie in Group 10, Area 5, An Tay Ward.

On the afternoon of October 6, Le Viet Ngoc Vinh, Head of Forest Protection Unit of Hue City said that the unit was coordinating with Hue City Investigation Police to investigate the illegal clearing of the special-use pine forest with an area of ​​2,809m2 which had occurred in Group 10, Area 5, An Tay Ward.

At the end of August, the inspection delegation of Hue City conducted inspection of forest management and use of forest land in An Tay Ward. Through inspection, 254 roots were found to be cut through various stages, of which 170 traces were relatively new.

The remainder of the deforestation of special-use forest in An Tay Ward

Present at the scene of the deforestation of the special-use pine forest, we noted that this area is not far away from the residential area, surrounded by acacia trees, shrubs and graves of local people.

The area of deforestation is just beyond a small hill starting from Chau Chu Street. Here, hundreds of tree stumps with diameter from 20-25cm lie, old saw marks still visible. Around the area many branches and leaves have dried up. The deforestation of a large number of pine trees on this high hilly area makes the scenery even emptier.

N.T.V., a local farmer, said: "Many people saw the pine trees get cut down. They cut the trees down, saw into parts and used the trucks to transport on the main road for over a week. Yet, we didn't see any authority. Besides, we here were also mistaken that the forest belonged to the state, and that exploitation was allowed. So, we did not report to the ward. When it was discovered, and many inspection groups came to check up, the trees have been cut down and transported away."

Pham Thi Phuong Mai, Chairman of People's Committee of An Tay Ward, said that this area of ​​pine forest was planted by the former An Tay Agricultural Cooperatives from 1986 to 1989.

Currently, this area is managed by the ward. At the time of inter-branch inspection, no suspect was found. Initial investigation showed that the area of ​​pine forest 2,809m2 was cut from 10-15 days before the discovery. The reason for cutting down the trees can be for land to grow acacia or for tomb construction. "The case has been reported to the city leaders and relevant agencies to investigate the incident to find out the culprit," Ms. Mai said.

Many of the trees over 30 years old, with diameters 20-25cm, were brutally cut

Ms. Mai admitted that in this case of forest clearing, the area is quite large. The local authority is partly responsible for the deforestation, since they are the forest owner, responsible for monitoring and timely detecting and preventing violations. "The ward has a natural land area of ​​1,035 ha (the largest of the wards in Hue City). Two thirds of the land is forest landscapes, graves and cemetery. Special-use forests managed by the Ward total up to 14 hectares but they are scattered and not concentrated. Meanwhile, the urban management team is very thinly staffed, with only two people. They have to directly inspect and ensure urban order, environment and traffic safety. They are the main force in the inspection, control, prevention and handling encroachment and deforestation to build illegal burial grounds. So, it is difficult to manage all of these things," Ms. Mai explained.

Mr. Le Viet Ngoc Vinh further stated that after the forest destruction, the Provincial Forest Protection Department and Hue City People's Committee set up a field inspection team to record the incident and request the Investigation Police of Hue City Police to pursue the case. At the same time, the authorities of An Tay Ward have had more public notices put up, forbidding burials in the deforestation area and coordinate with local forest rangers to strengthen patrol of the area of ​​special-use forests. "According to regulations, a deforestation area of ​​special-use forest of over 1,000 m2 will ensue criminal prosecution. At present, the Investigation Police of Hue City are handling the case. If there are signs of crime, they will prosecute the case to investigate according to law," Mr. Vinh said.

Story, photo: Ha Nguyen - Thuan An