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The 53rd UPU International Letter-Writing Competition kicks off

TTH.VN - On January 25, the launching ceremony of the 53rd UPU International Letter-Writing Competition in 2024 was held for the students in the provincial area at Quoc Hoc Highschool for the Gifted.

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 The student Nguyen Vu Thuc Uyen was handed the certification of the Provincial People’s Committee for her achievement of winning the national third prize at the 52nd UPU International Letter-Writing Competition

The 53rd International Letter-Writing Competition is launched by the Ministry of Information and Communication, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, the Vietnam Writers’ Association, and the Pioneer and Children’s Newspaper. This marks the 36th time that the competition has been held in Vietnam. The competition’s theme is associated with the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the World Postal Union.

This is an opportunity for students to gain a deeper knowledge of the UPU Letter-Writing Competition and the Postal industry. At the same time, through this competition, it will contribute to the enrichment and cultivation of the emotions and responsibilities of the younger generation towards social and national issues.

 Awarding the collectives and individuals winning the outstanding accomplishments

Addressing at the launching ceremony, Permanent Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh said that with a desire to create a useful playground for writing skills, build up a foundation for creative thinking, and tighten the friendly relationships among the nationals, every year, the World Postal Union organizes the International Letter-Writing Competition for children, focusing on the prominent issues in the society and the contemporary era. Thence, with their creativity, the students will get the chance to express their thinking, as well as their responsibilities towards the society, the country, and the world. It can be said that the International Letter-Writing Competition has been a wholesome and meaningful playground of the students for many years.

Permanent Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh hoped that through this competition, the province will be able to listen to the hopes, thinking, and ideas of the younger generation about a bright and worth-living future world.

The UPU Letter-Writing Competition is initiated by the World Postal Union, in collaboration with UNESCO. It is held for students under the age of 15 to contribute to developing their writing skill and enriching their diversity in children’s creativity. The competition also creates the favorable conditions to strengthen the friendships among the nationals within the younger generation; at the same time, helping them to better understand about the roles of the Postal industry in life and social development.

In 2023, in the framework of the 52rd UPU International Letter-Writing Competition held with the theme “Imagining that you were a superhero with a mission to make all the roads all over the world safer to children. Write a letter to someone to tell them about the super power that helps you fulfill your mission”, comparing to 2022, Hue witnessed an increase of over 7% in the number of entries, with a total of 147 schools. The total number of entries submitted through the postal service was 38.186.

In the results of the 52rd UPU International Letter-Writing Competition in Vietnam, Thua Thien Hue had 7 students winning the National Prizes, including 1 third prize, 1 consolation prize, 4 prizes of prospect writers, and 1 prize for students with disabilities. At the same time, 1 junior high school won the collective prize.

By Lien Minh
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