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20/06/2022 - 11:14

Trinh Cong Son’s music and Hue Festival

For over the past decade, the talented Hue-born late musician, Trinh Cong Son, has always been back to his hometown in musical programs for community. This is a special most-welcomed event at each Hue Festival.

Audience always enjoys a high-quality music in Trinh Cong Son’s program

Music for community

In 2011, the program “In 10-year memory of Trinh Cong Son” held by his family in An Dinh Palace satisfied the desire of thousands of Hue audience, and there has always been a program of Trinh Cong Son music in Festival Hue ever since.

The 10,000-seat auditorium was full. There are hundreds of people more standing, even outsides, to enjoy the music via the screen and stereo system. There was no other reason for the patience in the sea of people like this than a strong love for Trinh music.

Le Thi Huyen, from Hue, said: “Every time Festival Hue is held, I can’t wait to enjoy the Trinh Cong Son musical event. A free program as it is, it gives Hue audience an opportunity to enjoy a high-quality music night performed by leading professional singers.”

For the audience’s great love for the late musician, his family has been trying to maintain a music program for community within Hue Festival as a tribute to his fans.

It is also an act to realize the dream in his lifetime: bringing music to everyone through community programs. Bearing in mind that the music must be of high quality even though it is free, the musician’s family has taken advantages of all resources to hold the program professionally.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Truc, a family member, said: “After the first program, we received many thank-you messages from audience in Hue. They also expressed that it had been quite a long time that they had had an opportunity to enjoy such a great program with the participation of so many big names in Vietnam. Their love urged the family to attempt to hold a regular music program at Hue Festival.”

At Hue Festival this year, Trinh Cong Son music program on the theme of “Hue-Saigon-Hanoi” will take place at Ngo Mon Square on the evening of June 27th. The music night is participated by well-known singers of many generations, including Can Van, Duc Tuan, Ha Le, Tan Son, Bao Tran, and saxophonist An Tran together with Wind Instrument Club of Hue. It is also attended by actors and actresses in the feature film “Em Va Trinh” such as Tran Luc, Bui Lan Huong, Avin Lu and Akari. Trinh’s music which is always smooth, elegant, deep and Hue specific will take listeners through many interesting tones of love and the human life.

His family also holds an event in Trinh Cong Son Street, which is for amateur singers who love singing Trinh Cong Son’s songs. According to his family, this is another community program to encourage people to sing Trinh Cong Son’s songs in their own style and in the communal spirit.

Love for Trinh and Hue

As usual, Trinh’s music program always satisfies fans with his immortal songs performed by top vocalists. The audience is immersed in every word and note and in reminiscent musical atmosphere even when they are sitting rows of small tools, on mats on the ground, or even on the lawn. Trinh’s music keeps resounding, spreading, blending and making special impressions in the hearts of the audience in such an intimate atmosphere.

Fans’ love is the driving force for the musician’s family in an attempt to maintain the program at Hue Festival.

His family has made every effort to maintain and hold the music program. They have difficulty in seeking sponsorship because all the programs are non-benefit, without selling tickets or promoting businesses.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Truc said: “Our family objective is to provide a free high-quality program, so light and sound equipment and instruments are transported from Ho Chi Minh City. The family is always grateful for the contributions of the singers and artists participating in the program, and the cooperation of many organizations and individuals to the success of the program. All the sponsors, directors, singers, music bands and sound and light technicians have taken part in the program with the great love for Trinh and for Hue.”

Novelty is a challenge for the organizers through the programs in Hue Festivals. The family has recently sought young singers and encouraged them to sing Trinh’s songs. According to Mr. Nguyen Trung Truc, it is time to hand over the heritage to young generations so that they, together with the big names, keep Trinh’s music alive.

Bringing Trinh Cong Son’s music back to Hue is like bringing him back to hometown. The singer Trinh Vinh Trinh, his sister, said: “As Son is from Hue, we try to bring this heritage back to Hue Festival and Hue audience. In addition, Trinh Cong Son Foundation and Trinh Cong Son Scholarship will be in operation in Hue. His remains will also be brought back to Hue later.”

Story and photos: MINH HIEN