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24/07/2022 - 12:11

Unique Ky Phuoc sacrifice ceremony in the ancient village by the O Lau river

Within the framework of the "Old Scent of the Ancient Village" (Hương xưa làng cổ) festival activities in 2022, on the morning of July 23 at Phuoc Tich ancient village, Phong Hoa commune, Phong Dien district, the Ky Phuoc sacrifice ceremony took place.

Phuoc Tich village communal house, the venue of Ky Phuoc sacrifice ceremony

Ky Phuoc festival is an opportunity for people in the village to remember the village founder and Honorable Bon Nghe and to pray for the nation's peace, good weather, and prosperity for the villagers of Phuoc Tich. It is also to pray that villagers living near and far are healthy, safe and sound, and achieve higher results in labor and production.

The maintenance of Ky Phuoc sacrifice ceremony shows gratitude and remembrance of the merits of the generations of ancestors who established the village, and also contributes to educating pride in cultural and historical traditions for generations to come. The ceremony also raises awareness of protecting traditional cultural values in the community.

The unique feature of Ky Phuoc sacrifice ceremony is the procession of the founder of the village at Mieu Doi to the communal house of Phuoc Tich village. The procession of the founder is to inform the villagers, as well as to show the people's gratitude for the merits of the people who founded Phuoc Tich village.

The ceremony is the highlight and the opening activity for a series of activities throughout 3 days from July 23-25 of the "Old Scent of the Ancient Village" festival in 2022.

Phuoc Tich ancient village with the pristine beauty of a Vietnamese village is located 40km from Hue city center to the North. The village is surrounded by the green and gentle O Lau river. According to history books, Phuoc Tich was established in 1470 under King Le Thanh Tong’s reign, with an area of about 49 hectares.

Phuoc Tich ancient village is the second village in Vietnam to be recognized as a national heritage village in 2009. With the advantages of a complex of ancient ruong houses, a system of monuments, communal houses, pagodas, shrines, temples , Cham Pa cultural relics, and green trees, after 9 years of being recognized, Phuoc Tich ancient village has made strong and comprehensive changes in all aspects. The picture of tourism is becoming more and more professional, and the system of tangible heritage is being restored.

Some unique pictures of Ky Phuoc sacrifice ceremony:

The procession of the village founder

Phuoc Tich is an ancient village with a history of more than 500 years

The traditional music band in the procession

Elders of Phuoc Tich ancient village prepare to make sacrifice ritual

Incense offering ceremony

Ritual of offering wine

Sacrifice offerings

The ceremony to pray for the peace of the nation and people

By Duc Quang