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Special art program "Hue Timbre"

TTH.VN - Responding to the Hue Festival of four seasons in 2022, towards the commemoration of the liberation of the South, on the evening of April 16, Hue Monuments Conservation Center organized the art program "Hue Timbre" at Ngo Mon and the Courtyard of Thai Hoa Palace.

Official poster of Hue Festival 2022 releasedSelecting 52 typical Tuong masks to be samples for production for Hue Festival and souvenir products

The collaboration between Tuan Manh ,pianist, and Thanh Lan, singer, in the performance "Ha trang" (White Summer)

Along with the re-enactment of the rituals: changing of the guard ceremony, gun salute, cannon shot, the program introduced to the audience special performances of Royal court music and dance, such as the National Orchestra Concert "Xay dung kinh do" (Constructing the Capital), the dance "Thanh tra hien qua" (Offering Thanh tra Pomelo) , the court dance "Luc cung hoa dang”...

In addition to royal art, the audience also enjoyed musical performances: "Tinh em bien ca", "Hello Vietnam", "Tim em trong net Hue", "Dat nuoc tinh yeu", " Nang thang ba", "Ha trang"…

The program also had the participation of the pianist Tuan Manh from Ho Chi Minh City through solo performances: "Ly muoi thuong", "Diem Xua".

With special performances carefully choreographed, the program attracted a large number of people and tourists to attend, contributing to promoting and increasing the attractiveness of Hue Imperial Citadel.

By Minh Hien

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Finding myself again in Ao dai

My childhood was marked with the image of my mother stroking her ao dai flat before going out (Ao dai is traditional costume for women (and men) in Vietnam.) At that time, cloth produced in the country was cheap; my mother had many ao dai of different colors tailored. She wore ao dai everywhere she went on every occasion.

Finding myself again in Ao dai
Hue Festival - mission & vision

Since 2022, the Hue Festival has been developed with a four-season orientation through a series of continuous events and festivals throughout the year, making the most of unique cultural - geographical - historical factors from royal festivals, folk festivals, religious festivals, etc.

Hue Festival - mission  vision
Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong received a courtesy call from the Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam

On the afternoon of December 4, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong had a courtesy meeting and exchange with H.E. Shawn Steil, the Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam to promote cooperation in the fields of education and training, culture (Hue Festival), climate change tackling and environmental protection.

Chairman of the Provincial People s Committee Nguyen Van Phuong received a courtesy call from the Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam
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