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23/03/2020 - 15:33

Vinpearl Hotel Hue lights up a heart-shaped symbol to cheer the fight against the COVID - 19

Along with the whole system of Vinpearl hotels and resorts across the country, Vinpearl Hotel Hue (located at the 6-way intersection in the center of Hue City) has lit up the heart-shaped symbol towards the medial team, service staff, sponsors and people on the frontline against COVID-19 pandemic.

Illuminated heart-shaped symbol towards people on the frontline against COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Nong Thanh Toan

According to Mr. Truong Quoc Viet, General Manager of Vinpearl Hotel Hue, the symbol is made by turning on the lights of each room at the 34-storey and 155m high building. The lighting of this symbol is expected to last from now until March 26. Through this heart-shaped symbol, Vinpearl wants to convey a message of love full of humanity and wishes to spread their love to the community in the days when the whole world are resisting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people seem to feel heart touching when they see the heart-shaped symbol and partly believe in the spirit of "fighting against the COVID-19 enemy" of the people on the frontline in the prevention of disease spreading throughout the world. "Looking at this image, I feel optimistic and believe that Vietnam will repel the COVID-19 pandemic," said a walker.

By N.M