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23/10/2020 - 17:16

Where there is good land, there are birds residing 

Hue Imperial City is built and surrounded by three layers of rampart, with many green trees, so it is very solid and wind-tight. It is the place for birds to reside during the rainy and stormy season.

Hundreds of storks flying to Hue Imperial City for shelter in the rainy and stormy season

Along with the policy and regulations prohibiting the hunting of birds and fish in the area of Hue Imperial City, there are birds of all kinds residing there.

During a storm in November 2017, a white heron flew to the Imperial City in a state of injury. The leaders of the Hue Monuments Conservation Center and the Department of Landscape Embellishment asked veterinarian to take care of and heal the bird. After being recovered, it was released back to the wild. Perhaps, that heron bird might have "announced to its species" that this is a good land! Thus, during the rainy and storm season this year, hundreds of storks have flown to the royal palace to reside.

This is also an opportunity for visitors and photographers to hunt beautiful photos of the white storks above the palace’s ground at all locations in Hue Imperial City.

Some photos of birds residing in Hue Imperial Citadel:


The carefree birds hovering above the palace

The peaceful residence of birds

Taking a rest on the rampart

The birds’ reflection on the water

Flapping wings in Truong Lang

Hue Imperial Citadel becomes an ideal residence for birds during the rainy and stormy season

Interesting birdwatching

By Bao Minh