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Little birds

TTH.VN - On spring days, Hue is vibrant and bright with the lush green shoots of trees and leaves. Through the window, amidst the canopy of trees, and on the leaves adorned with dewdrops, little birds are showing off their beauty in the warm spring air.

Catching the moments of birdsA look at rare and precious species in Bach Ma National ParkWhere there is good land, there are birds residing

The sunbirds have beautiful appearances and colorful feathers. The passerine birds chirp merrily and the flocks of bulbuls are pairing up beside crimson rice flowers, making the natural landscape more lively and colorful.

Hue News would like to introduce to readers a series of photos of extremely lively small birds, which was taken by Le Tan Thanh, the photographer.

 Bulbuls in their flocks
 A bulbul is looking for honey
 A red-throated bird is calling friends
 A passerine bird beside rice flowers in March
 A red-throated bird in bamboo bushes
 A 7-color sunbird
 A purple-throated sunbird
 A sunbird is looking for prey
 The season of passerine bird couples
 The rufous-tailed starlings
 A passerine bird
 A dance of the red-throated sunbird
 A dance of the purple-throated sunbird
By Hue News
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Catching the moments of birds

Not claiming himself as a photographer, Mr. Tran Thien (born in 1984) devotes all his passion and heart to “hunt” the picturesque and unique photos of birds. To catch these ecstatic moments, sometimes he has to “disguise” himself as a bird, stork, and hide himself for hours, even for days.

Catching the moments of birds
Love of forest birds

Birds in the wild enjoy parental or spousal love just as many other wild animals do. Baby birds find it hard to exist without the protection from their parents. The mother birds cry so tragically when they lose their babies.

Love of forest birds
Tràm chim kept in the rising water season

These days, the immense water current from the upstream rushing to tràm chim (the area with a broad variety of precious birds of conservation value) located next to the O Lau River flowing through Quang Thai Commune (Quang Dien District, 15km from Hue City) signals that many precious birds from everywhere fly in to shelter. It is called tràm chim because this area is recognized to have a wide variety of precious birds of conservation value.

Tràm chim kept in the rising water season
Birder & chance to meet rare wild birds

Wherever he goes, Le Quy Minh dresses neatly with binoculars and a camera. That is the most common standard of a birder - one who discovers, admires the beauty of birds in the natural environment.

Birder  chance to meet rare wild birds
Hue of mine

On Sunday morning, borrowing my son’s bicycle, I rode along the streets of Hue. Most of the streets are quiet, clean, and shaded with green trees. As for this result, whenever having to leave the city, even just a few days, Hue always makes me feel missing it unrelentingly.

Hue of mine
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