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Acceleration on Perfume River-crossing bridge construction site

TTH.VN - The contractor for the Perfume River-crossing bridge project is accelerating construction, striving to connect the bridge arch sections in late July and open to technical traffic in mid-October.

"Mega project" of coastal road acceleratedConstruction of Thuan An sea-crossing bridge throughout the National Day holiday

 Contractor Trung Chinh is conducting construction at the southern bridge abutment in the Bui Thi Xuan Street area

These days, despite the scorching weather, at the construction site of the Perfume River-crossing bridge project and the path at both ends, the engineers and workers of Trung Chinh Construction and Trading Company, Ltd (Trung Chinh Company) - the construction unit of the Perfume River-crossing bridge - are divided into several teams to speed up construction.

Engineer Thai Dinh Dao, Deputy Site Commander of Trung Chinh Company, said that currently about 250 workers divided into 3 shifts are taking turns to work at this construction site. The night shift starts working from 10 pm until 6 am next morning.

At this point, contractor Trung Chinh mobilized nearly 10 large and small cranes; along with buoys, barges, and boats to accelerate the finalization of construction of pier piles, pier bodies, and installation of arch legs and bridge decks, etc. This bridge has the structure of reinforced concrete and steel, up to this point nearly 9,000 tons of components have been produced and transferred to assembly.

An engineer in the team installing the bridge deck, sweating profusely in the noon sunlight, said that the bridge has a main span of 180m long, so there is quite a large navigation space in the middle of the river. This is also one of the largest steel spans of bridges in Vietnam.

Therefore, the contractor closely follows the construction design to ensure no errors even in the smallest detail in each related item. Also on account of the characteristics of the quite large steel bridge span, during the construction process, the contractor implemented a plan of protection against falling objects, ensuring the safe passage of boats and ships.

"Under the current favorable weather conditions, in late July, the project of the Perfume River-crossing bridge will finalize the connection of the bridge arches and be open to technical traffic in mid-October," said engineer Thai Dinh Dao.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen, Deputy Director of the Provincial Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board (Investor) judged that the construction of the Perfume River-crossing bridge project has been accelerated to meet the construction schedule in 2024: installing longitudinal and transverse beams of the main span and side spans; dismantling scaffolding, and tensioning the pre-stressed cables of the main span; pedestrian bridge; installing bridge decks and railing foot edges, etc. The construction items also comply with the technical requirements and project scale. The project contract value is 1,516 billion VND. To date, the accumulated disbursement value of construction and installation has reached 1,046 billion VND, reaching a rate of nearly 70%.

The bridge across the Perfume River has a unique architectural design in the form of an arch symbolizing "Hạc chầu Thiên Mụ" (Crane flanking Sacred Old Lady), conveying a message about the longevity of the sacred Ancient Capital. The finalized project will contribute to improving the traffic network, preventing congestion, and reducing traffic volume for National Highway 1A and routes through Hue City Center. It is also the driving force behind the formation and development of satellite urban areas, new urban areas in the west of the city, the development of service tourism, and the improvement and enhancement of inter-regional people's lives, etc.

The project of the Perfume River-crossing bridge and Nguyen Hoang Street belonging to Ring Road 3 is the main traffic axis, radial to Hue City, connecting two satellite towns: Huong Tra Town - Huong Thuy Town.

The project has a total investment of 2,281 billion VND, sourced from the Central and local budget. According to the design, the bridge has the shape of a 380m-long steel arch, including 5 43m-wide spans, 6 lanes, and a 210m-long path at both ends, especially a 3m-wide walking lane. The bridge structure is made of reinforced concrete, with a minimum navigation capacity of 30m wide and 6m high.

Story and photo: Minh Van
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