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Chan May - Lang Co to develop towards a modern coastal urban area

TTH.VN - With the development orientation to become a modern urban area developing clean industries and high-tech industries, an international trade center, a center of tourism and services, and high-class resort, etc., Chan May - Lang Co (CM-LC) urban area is being taken into consideration to be invested to become a modern coastal urban area with regional as well as international standards.

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 Perspective of Chan May urban area - a modern coastal urban area in the future

In the construction planning of the Central Key Economic Zone approved by the Prime Minister, the CM-LC urban area is oriented to develop into a grade III urban area.

Accordingly, the Provincial People's Committee has approved the detailed construction planning of Chan May urban area, with the development orientation as an important urban area of ​​the CM-LC economic zone, within the boundary of three communes, including Loc Thuy, Loc Tien and Loc Vinh,of Phu Loc district, with the planned area about 3,440ha.

CM-LC has a deep-water port which is identified as the nearest important gateway to the East Sea connecting countries on the East-West economic corridor.  This is a transshipment point, linking and supporting port clusters in the central key economic region, including Chu Lai (Quang Nam), Tien Sa, Lien Chieu (Da Nang), Dung Quat (Quang Ngai), and Nhon Hoi  (Binh Dinh), forming a chain of urban links along the central coast, which is the main growth nucleus of this area.

From those potentials and strengths, Chan May urban area is oriented to be a port city and an important sea traffic hub, providing deep-water port services and coordinating goods in the Central key economic region. 

This is also one of the major and modern international trade centers, a national and international tourist and resort centers of the central key economic region, and an urban area developing clean industries and high-tech industries.

A safe eco-urban area

According to Mr. Le Van Tue, Head of the Management Board of the provincial economic and industrial zone, the development goal of Chan May is to become a modern urban area at national and international level, being complete in terms of functional structure, synchronous in technical and social infrastructure. However, it is also important for this area to retain its own identity of Hue architecture, culture and coastal natural ecological region.

Chan May urban area is planned to become an ecological, safe, secure and environmentally friendly one, with a lot of verdant space. Besides, its urban structure would have good ventilation, creating a favorable living and working environment, which would make this area become attractive and attracts investment..

Chan May deep-water port plays an important role in local socio-economic development.  (Photo taken before the outbreak of COVID-19)

With the defined criteria, up to now, Chan May urban area has fully built the technical infrastructure of four resettlement projects with a total area of ​​about 125ha, being capable for about 3,000 householdsto settle down. The urban area basically completes the main traffic routes according to the general plan, with a total length of more than 120km of urban roads, meeting traffic needs and creating conditions for investors to approach and implement the project. 

Construction items of Chan May water plant have a capacity of 11,000m3 per day, three 110/22kV transformer stations with a capacity of 75 MVA and a completed distribution network.  The telecommunications network is also prioritized to be invested to meet the needs of providing technical infrastructure for socio-economic development, attending to the investment, production and business activities of investors. 

Chan May General Hospital with a scale of 200 beds has been put into operation together with a system of general clinics in the area, contributing to meeting the medical examination and treatment needs of the citizens and employees of businesses.

Up to now, the urban functional areas including the administrative center, the centers of commerce, finance, services, health care, education; new living quarters and existing residential areas, etc.,continue to be concerned in being invested. It is forecasted that by 2025, Chan May urban population will be over 130,000 people, and the urban construction area will be more than 3,439 hectares.

More particularly, villa land is over 246ha meanwhile adjacent residential land is more than 230ha. Besides, specialized land including public works, administrative, commercial, medical, educational, complex works, etc., is exceedingly 1,084ha.  The urban area combined with the high-tech park, clean industry and high-tech industry has a total area of ​​over 1,344 ha.

Mr. Phan Cong Man, Chairman of Phu Loc District People's Committee, stated that from the construction nature of Chan May as an ecological urban area, combining with its development of high-tech zone, clean industry, and high-tech industry. Up to now, the destinations in the waterfall system including Fairy springs, Elephant Springs, Dream waterfall, etc., had been exploited and branded.

Binh An and Canh Duong beaches are also rated to be among the "top" beautiful beaches of the central region, and this area is attracting the largest number of investors in beach resort services. Among them, the Laguna project can be mentioned as a high-class resort. World-class Mediterranean and Minh Vien beach resorts are also being built.

In two recent years, many large-scale industrial production projects using advanced technology with little impact on the environment  have been invested in the Chan May urban planning area.

Specifically, so far, it has attracted six industrial production projects with a total registered investment capital of more than 6,700 billion VND, including several large projects, expected to contribute a lot to the budget such as two automobile assembly and production projects, Nakamoto auto accessories manufacturing project, Billion Max toy manufacturing project, Sunjin sock weaving project, quartz processing project for electronics industry, etc.

Harmony between industry and tourism

With the development orientation as a modern urban area, an international trade center, a center for tourism, service, and high-class resort; an urban development of clean industries and high-tech industries, etc., CM-LC will have different choices and distributions between tourism and industrial needs, aiming at creating harmony and reciprocity between each other in the process of urban development.

Mr. Nguyen Van Sy, the representative of investors in Chan May Quartz processing factory project (with a total investment of 110 million USD), said that when industry develops while ensuring environmental factors, then clean industry is still the driving force for tourism development. On the contrary, when tourism develops, it will create more dynamism, helping attract more new investors.

According to Mr. Phan Cong Man, in order to actively support the construction and development of Chan May urban area in accordance with the planning orientation, the District People's Committee is always interested in planning management, supervision and timely adjustment recommendations to avoid conflicts in the development process between the two fields of industry and tourism.  At the same time, the district committee always creates the most favorable conditions for investors to implement the project, complete the planning projects, and speed up the construction progress of the approved works.

According to the leader of the Provincial Management Board of Economic and Industrial Zones, in order to accelerate the construction of Chan May Urban Area, it is not necessary to attract all industrial production projects but they must be selective, be in line with the development orientation which is resort tourism and clean, environmentally friendly industry. “In the current and future trends, clean and environmentally friendly industry is the direction for which countries are aiming at. CM-LC is an ideal investment, because it will form an ecological industrial urban area in a global direction,” affirmed Mr. Le Van Tue.

Story & photos: BA TRI

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