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Developing night-time economy

TTH.VN - As part of the plan to stimulate tourism and service demand, Hue City is completing its infrastructure and implementing many solutions to develop the night-time economy to attract visitors.

With Hue, “do not sleep too early”Hai Ba Trung Walking Street launchedSpeeding up urban embellishment projects

 Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street is vibrant and bustling at night

After more than three months of operation, Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street has become an ideal entertainment site, combining sightseeing, shopping and enjoying Hue specialties at night in the city area. Located in a central location, with a combination of available commercial areas and the exploitation of commercial services of the locals to form a bustling neighborhood, this street is quickly chosen by residents and visitors as a destination at three evenings on the weekend.

With the policy of turning Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street into an attractive destination for visitors, besides a community-based commercial space, another space has been formed for displaying, introducing and trading handicraft products, specialties and cuisine of the three regions by mobile vehicles, of which priority is given to displaying and introducing specialties and typical products of Hue; as well as performances of ethnic musical instruments, Hue Singing and street music, etc.

According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuong Thoai, Chairman of Vinh Ninh Ward People's Committee, after more than three months of being launched, Hai Ba Trung Pedestrian Street is currently operating stably and attracting visitors with many art shows, as well as displaying souvenirs and gifts, and introducing specialties and cuisine of Hue. Currently, on this street, there are three stages operating regularly on the three nights of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, including a stage of Cinestar Hue and the remaining stages managed by the ward, aiming to organize exchange activities of culture, art, and street music, etc., contributing to meeting the needs of locals and visitors to enjoy the culture.

Mr. Thoai said that in order to complete the pedestrian street space, the ward would appropriately rearrange business establishments and stalls on the whole street, invest in decorating with more lanterns along the street. At the same time, the ward will continue to mobilize business establishments and customers to switch from traditional payment methods to the e-wallet on Hue-S application in order to build a civilized, model and attractive street.

After a period of operation, Nguyen Van Huyen Food Street, Phu Hoi ward is currently attracting a pretty large number of visitors to have fun and enjoy food, creating a new experience space for Hue tourism, especially young people. With more than 20 business establishments of Hue cuisine and specialties, Nguyen Van Huyen Street and the surrounding areas are quite vibrant and bustling at night, with models of entertainment, dining and shopping for souvenirs and specialties.

Mrs. Vo Thi Anh Thu, Chairwoman of Phu Hoi Ward People's Committee, said that in order to attract visitors to Nguyen Van Huyen Food Street, the ward had just invested in equipping the lighting system, embellishing the street and the surrounding areas. At the same time, the ward has also mobilized business establishments to add more goods to enrich the ward, contributing to the development of the night-time economy in the area.

According to the leader of Hue City People's Committee, along with the central areas, the city is developing tourism in the periphery of Hue City, in order to connect tourism tours and routes in the area, including forming an experience tourism site of Ru Cha, Con Te cuisine (Huong Phong), investing in infrastructure to develop community tourism along the coast of Hai Duong beach, improving the quality of services at Thuan An beach, and developing experience tours to visit Thanh Tien paper flower craft village, and Sinh village painting (Phu Mau). In the upstream of the Huong River, the city is promoting the exploitation of relics of the Nguyen Dynasty, developing more attractive destinations such as Khe Ngang (Huong Ho), Khe Rung Lake (Huong Tho), so as to create a lively and attractive picture of tourism for Hue.

Story and photo: Minh Thu


Hue features in Dong Ba food street at night

Being a major commercial center of Hue City, Dong Ba market not only attracts customers for bustling trading exchanges during the day, but right in front of the market's lobby, there is also a food street at night, on the famous Tran Hung Dao Street.

Hue features in Dong Ba food street at night
Music night of emotions

Thousands of spectators immersed themselves in an emotional music night at Ngo Mon Square on the evening of December 10th as part of the international music exchange program featuring performances by artistic troupes and international artists.

Music night of emotions
Hue City: Opening opportunities, attracting FDI capital

In the context of economic difficulties nationwide, leading to a decline in investment capital, Thua Thien Hue is gradually asserting itself as an attractive investment destination with great potential and prospects, coupled with an increasingly favorable environment, especially in terms of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) capital.

Hue City Opening opportunities, attracting FDI capital
Night squid fishing season

Scarcely had the boats been pushed into the sea, touching the water surface when the waves, in turn, hit the shore. The wind and waves struck the boat sides, causing the boat to wobble. But a few minutes later, the muscular men with the help of the sea village women successfully started the boats for a squid fishing trip which would last more than 12 hours.

Night squid fishing season
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